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TBT on Friday

Pastel Pinwheels

Earlier this week I added the Flickr app to my smarter than me phone.  I found all sorts of pictures dating back 2002 when I was still sewing garments and knitting. It also means I found the only picture I  have of the quilt which gave me the Quilt Pox.

Oh sure, my first full size quilt was done back in 1980, and I made a couple of quilts as ‘model garments’ when I was working at Northwest Fabrics & Crafts in 1990-1991, but it wasn’t until I made Pastel Pinwheels for my nephew that I the Quilt Pox took hold.

The pattern is from Quilt it for Kids for 2000. I thought it was a great pattern and collected pastel flanels to make it, but back then I thought you needed to know where a quilt was headed before you could start it. — I’ve gotten over that.  Anyway, the pattern and fabric sat until my nephew was born and then I went shopping for additional fabric.

I started the quilt on 7/28/2003 and finished it 8/2/2003.

Linking up to Throwback Thursday over at Krista Quilts.



Backing Progress



Watched the baseball game instead of quilting — Go Royals!

Sew Scrappy Challenge Quilt


Last week I decided to set aside Tuesdays between now and Thanksgiving to work on my Sew Scrappy quilt as part of Jo’s “finish a UFO before Bonnie’s mystery quilt starts challenge”.  What I didn’t know was that I would decide a quilt toward the bottom of my Crazy Challenge II list would get bumped to the top and I forgot I was attending a school concert.

I squeezed in 20 minutes of quilting just on Sew Scrappy between the end of my work day and leaving for the concert, attaching the modified flying to 20 of the blocks and 20 cornerstones.


When we got home, I spent another 30 minutes or so and finished up the blocks.  I now have all 40 of these blocks done and need to make 38 of the 2nd block.


The 2nd block will take a bit longer to make as I only have the strip sets made.

Hop over to Jo’s Country Junction to see how others are doing on their projects.  My goal for the rest of the week is to get the 2 Disappearing 9-patch quilts basted. Have to finish a quilt back first.


Why is it the simplest of things take the longest?

A friend bought this fabric on a quilt retreat I think in April 2010. A year or so later while her sewing area was ‘under construction’ I got the fabric to quickly put it together. Here we are 5 1/2 years from the purchase.

The top didn’t take me long, but I guess I wasn’t looking forward to mitering the border. I found a solution – skip the miter. Of course it probably took just as long to do the 4 pieced blocks by the time I found enough fabric.

I think this quilt will get a shirting backing with blocks of the border fabric.

Quilt Cabinet


As many quilts as I have given away, I have numerous quilts that I’ve kept. We keep them on the top shelf of the hall closet and it is nearly impossible for me to put them up or pull them down. So, I’ve been looking for something accessible for me to store them in. Oh, but I have to keep in mind, I really don’t have any place to put another piece of furniture.

Well, all of that changed this morning. I’ve been keeping my eye on Craigslist looking for an affordable pie safe and a few weeks ago I saw a stereo cabinet on the free list. I was too late, but I added that to the things I was looking for.  This morning I spotted this cabinet about 40 minutes after it was posted, and sent the link to my husband. Turns out he had spotted it and had already heard back from the guy when I sent the link to him.

I was worried about the dark glass, but I think it’s going to be just fine. Now, to gather up a few more quilts to put in the cabinet.


Nearly There



I took out the 8″ block and replaced it with the 7″ yellow and blue/pink batik pinwheel in the middle. The quilt hangs so much better now. I need about 28 more inches in length and it will be done. I’ve got most of the rest mapped out.


Working Organically

backingB4I’ve been working on this backing ‘organically’  — no real plan just pulling blocks and sewing them together.  But last night I started to worry about whether or not I have enough parts and pieces to make this top 72″ x 90″.  It’s time to put pencil to paper to graph out the bottom portion of the quilt.


That’s when I discovered that it’s not that I’ve got the quilt pinned to tightly that’s causing that buckling, but rather I’ve managed to get an extra inch of fabric in the middle of what I’ve pieced so far.

extraThere are two issues.

  1. The 8″ square made from the pink and green pinwheels is 8″.  I only have 7″ of space there. Solution – I’ve got a big 7″ pinwheel that I’m going to add a 1″ strip to the bottom of and put in a 7″ x 8″ block.
  2. The 8″ blocks to the left of the pink and green section I squeezed into a smaller space than I should. This also explains why I needed to trim the butterfly fabric on the left hand side by some weird #.



So, it seems I’ll be doing a bit of frogging tonight after dinner.

Half a Back



I’ve been sewing bits and pieces for two days and I have half a back.  I just hope that I have enough blocks left on the wall and the deep recesses of the orphan block/pieces box to finish it.



Flying Fabric


I started to title this post ‘Why Make Things Easy’, but opted for ‘Flying Fabric’ as there is fabric and blocks everywhere in my sewing room. Blocks on the ironing board, yardage & quilt pieces for 3 different quilts on my desk & cutting table.  Tiny HST units on the table beside my machine, tumbler or fabric for tumblers in 2 different spots and more parts and pieces stacked on top of the challenge quilt tops.  Oh, yeah, there are parts and pieces on the design wall.

Fabric is flying around here.

So, why did I consider the other title? Because it would have been so much easier to just pad blocks to 12″ and make 6 columns of blocks. But instead, this is what I’ve come up with so far.



Of course now that I’m doing this, I’m concerned that I’m not going to have enough blocks for a 72 x 88 backing. We’ll see what I get done tomorrow. I’m going to go watch the baseball game.

Past the Halfway Point


229 squares cut, another 181 squares to go to hit 410. I’ve emptied one shirt box, although I am filling it up with bits and pieces which need to be cut up into the Scrap Users System. But that’s for another day perhaps in January after I get past my latest crazy challenge of finishing 12 quilts in 4 months.

I had high hopes for this week.  Get all the squares cut and the smallest backing made so I could quilt the Orange Disappearing 9-patch next week.  However, I had a vicious attack of hives and it knocked me for a loop for a couple of days. I don’t ever recall having hives before and have no idea what set them off. Tomorrow is another day, so perhaps I’ll get more knocked out then than I have the last couple of days.