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I made my first quilted item as a visual aid for a math project in 7th grade. Over the next 25 years quilting was hit or miss, but quilting took over all the other crafts I've done in 2003.

A New Month, A New Quilt

What’s another project when you have more projects in progress than you can count on your fingers and toes? I’m a member of the Mississippi Quilt Association and they are doing a Quilt-A-Long since every meeting this year has been canceled. It’s a simple 12 block beginner sampler, and the hope is many of them will be shown at the June Gathering next year.

Earlier tonight I was reminded I elected to participate and decided I needed to get in gear.  The first 4 blocks were sent out last week. Given that I tend to go scrappy, and that I doubt I could round up enough fabric from my stash to use 3 or 4 fabrics through out the quilt, I started looking for the border to base my color choices on.  I found the stripe in the center of the picture above. This is the second time I pulled this fabric to use as a border. Maybe this time I’ll actually use it. I’ll use the bright white as my background fabric.


The first block is Uneven Nine-Patch.

Work on the #mqaquiltalong is not preventing me from working on the lavender and seafoam quilt.

Progress is being made. 1/4 of a gazillion HST are sewn into Broken Dish units, 1/4 of a gazillion HST are cut and ready to sew.

Easy Breezy = 83

The Quilt Top is Complete

Yesterday morning I hung up 1/2 of the quilt top on my shelves and spotted one broken dish unit turned. Fortunately it was on the first row and easy to fix.  When I took it down and hung up the second half and also discovered a turned block, this time on the last row. Now that the top is complete I can contemplate the quilting while I work on the batik version of this quilt.

But first a reminder.  Make notes, especially when you aren’t planning on cutting into the fabric immediately. Last month my sister bought these Kansas Troubles fabrics and gave me great notes.  Turns out she made a sticky note for everything she was buying.

Unfortunately I did not take good notes.  I had a note card indicating how many FQs I needed and total yardage needed.  But when I got to the shop, I ended up calculating on the fly based on what I was purchasing.

Oh, did I mention I’m working from my own pattern?  So, I did the math on the fly, added in yardage for a couple of pillowcases and binding in either lavender or seafoam and came home with my fabric and washed it.  Now 8 weeks later, I’m not sure how I was going to handle my neutrals. Can I find the note card visible on the stack of lavender fabric? No.

So, here I sit. The color strips are cut for the HST.  I purchases 1/2 yard cuts of all but 5 of the fabrics — more bang for my buck than purchasing FQs.  Last night I pressed everything and cut them into FQs. The lavender and seafoam yardage is clearly my choices for binding and pillowcase cuffs.  It’s the neutrals I’m struggling with.

I need strips for HST, and squares.  Per EQ I need 11 1/2 yards of neutrals.  7 1/8 yards for the squares and 4 1/2 yards for the HST. I only have 10 1/2 yards, which is supposed to include yardage for pillowcases.  Clearly my math was wrong. I’ll figure out something…..



Easy Breezy = 82


What I’ve Been Up To

This month has flown by, or dragged by, I haven’t made up my mind yet.

On the quilting front, I quilted 4 quilts for a customer.  I’m doing edge-to-edge computer driven quilting for hire.  My customer was thrilled with all of the quilts I’ve done for her.  The top 2 are the Minky backs.  Depending on who you ask Minky is a bear to work with, or it’s not.  I suspect it has to do with the quality of the Minky.  This is from Shannon. It is WONDERFUL. It’s also hot, so I was asked to not use batting. The 2 tops came out just fine.

I’ve also been playing with pouring acrylics.  The vase and painting above it were done at the same time.  Then I did the painting on the right.  Finally I attempted to do some Christmas ornaments, but the paint didn’t stick to the inside of the ornaments.  I’ve since painted them on the outside with mixed results, but I haven’t taken a picture yet.

There’s a new quilt shop in town — Stashworthy Fabric.  It’s on the north side of town — about 35 minutes from me.  They had been open for about a week when I stopped in.

As for my quilting projects, I’ve been working on a “gazillion” red/neutral and blue/neutral HSTs.  I finally finished them, and have started assembling my broken dishes units. If I’ve counted right, the red ones are made, and the blue ones are partially assembled.  I am concerned though as I came up with an extra blue/neutral HST.  Does that mean I need 3 more or have 1 extra?  Of course since I’ve already thought I had all I needed who knows for certain.  I hope to finish this quilt top tonight or tomorrow so I can start working on the “real” quilt — which needed even more HST as it is large.


It’s Mystery Time

It’s that time of the year.  Bonnie Hunter has released the colors and yardage information for this year’s mystery quilt “Grassy Creek”.  So I thought I’d review my Bonnie Hunter quilts. Over the past 12 years I’ve made nine mysteries: Orange Crush, Old Tobacco Road, Carolina Christmas, Orca Bay, En Provence, On Ringo Lake, Good Fortune, Allietare, and Frolic. In the picture above Good Fortune is not quilted, I’m not sure why I don’t have a finished picture of it.  Frolic is not quilted as I need to prepare a backing.

Millennium Pyramids – Oklahoma Backroads – Sister’s Choice

Strip Twist – Texas Braid – Ocean Waves

Fun With Bricks – Playing With Jacks – Spoolin’ Around Leader/Ender Challenge

If you’ve followed by blog, you know I don’t just do her mysteries.  There are a ton of free patterns on her website and she has 7 books.  I’ve heard her speak 7 times (assisted with the quilts twice) and taken have 5 classes from her (Texas Braid, Blue Ridge Beauty, Carolina Chain, Garden Party, Jamestown Landing)

Happily Scrappily Irish – Scrappy Trips – Jared Takes A Wife

Nifty Thrifty – Strip TwistDancing Nine-Patch! (setting only)

Carolina ChainTumblers – Narragansett Blues!

Not included in the group pictures is Blue Ridge Beauty and Star Struck.  I forgot about them until I listed out my classes. I sent these tops to a women who quilts them and gives them to a VA group.

I also have a few BH quilts in progress.

Another Strip Twist – there’s probably enough blocks for 2 quilts, Garden Party, Pineapple Blossom, Jamestown Landing, this years leader/ender project Easy Breezy, and I’m using the Dancing Nine-Patch setting on some crazy blocks.

I think these are all of my Bonnie Hunter quilts, but it doesn’t include quilts I’ve make using tips and tricks I’ve learn from her.

Suffrage Quilts

The United States celebrated 100 years of Women’s Suffrage back on August 18, 2020.  Starlight Quilters Guild was asked to make 36  12″ quilts in celebration. We used the purple and yellow stars from a replica of Alice Paul’s banner with one star for each of the 36 states which ratified the 19th Amendment.

This is my quilt.

I based it on the story of Harry T. Burn’s vote in the Tennessee General Assembly.  As the story goes, the assembly was evenly split with suffrage supporters wearing yellow roses and those against wearing red roses.  His mother, an educated woman, wrote him a letter which he had in his pocket urging him to vote for suffrage, which was not the view of the men in is district.  At the last moment, wearing a red rose, he voted to ratify the amendment making Tennessee the 36th and final state needed to amend the constitution.

The blocks I picked are Rosebuds,  Mother’s Choice and Tennessee.  The purple star is from the banner and was a required to be included in the quilt.  Here’s what I wrote on each block:


He wore a red rose
His constituents said no
Women should not vote

Mothers’ Choice:

Mother’s Choice was vote
So a letter to Harry
Give women the vote


Harry changed his mind
So Tennessee ratified
Now women can vote


One hundred years past
The ballot box was accessed
Regardless of sex

The quilts can be seen at Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center in Overland Park, Kansas through January 23rd. They are currently hanging in the lobby.  The plan is to show them at the 2021 Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival in June and the 2021 Starlight Quilters Guild Quilt Show in the Fall of 2021.

As our grandmother’s and great-grandmothers fought so hard for our right to vote, please make your voice heard and vote on November 3rd if you have not voted early. (I voted last week.)

Another Quilt Ready to Bind

This is my Moda U Block of the Month from 2008 – 2009. The fabrics from a Three Sisters line.  In addition to this being a piecing sampler, I’ve made it a quilting sampler.

As it turns out I’ve been working on it for a month, loading it on the frame September 21st.  In each of the large white blocks, I used the same quilting motif.

Most of the pieced blocks had some sort of outline stitch — either curved, or in the ditch – depending on my mood when I got there. I experimented with the crosshatching tool on my machine.

The first time I loaded the quilt, I just ditched the sashings and borders. At that point I took it off the machine to work on customer quilts.

A couple of days ago I loaded it back on to finish it.

The outer border has a feather motif with curly q’s and circles.  The inner border is leaves.

On this pass I also filled in the sashings.

After the 2nd pass,  I took the quilt off the frame, trimmed it leaving 3″ past the borders, pinned it back on the frame and quilted the side borders.

Check out the matching of the borders.

The quilt is now off the frame and trimmed for binding.  Now the challenge is finding something to use for the binding.  I learned a lot on this quilt and can’t wait to put some of the lessons to use on my other tops waiting to be quilted.

Thread Storage

Not too long ago, I was brought 4 quilts tops to quilt. It was the first time I had a customer in my sewing room. I discovered that thread selection was an issue.  She picked colors off my colors card, but of course, we had to try it on the quilt tops. She was standing on the back side of the quilt frame, I was on the front side, and the thread was in the 2nd drawer of the chest. There were so many spools of thread in the drawer to find anything you had to pull a bunch out.

It started me thinking about a better storage solution for my thread and where it should be in the space.

Monday, I found this cabinet on Facebook Marketplace.

My original plan was to fix glass panes so they didn’t need the backing, but after I broke the glass, I decided I didn’t need to see my thread.

My main thread drawer is empty.  Now I just need to figure out where exactly I’m going to put the cabinet.  For now it’s in the middle of my living room.

A Long 2 Weeks

It’s been a long 2 weeks.  I’m not sure what I was doing the first week of my absence – I can’t think that washing my quilts took up all that time, but I guess that is what I was doing the first week. I need to refold them to get them back into the cabinet, but for now, they are sitting on my bed protected from cat hair by a towel. I’m not sure what Sherbet is protecting them from.

The 2nd week, I know what I was doing.  Working long hours – and that was before anyone got wind of me being out of the office on vacation this week. Needless to say there was no quilting happening last week.

I finally was able to begin quilting this past Saturday – after I swapped out the ruler foot for the cup foot on my Innova.  Of course I first had to make a trip to the hardware store because  I couldn’t find my 6mm allen wrench. It has been in the top drawer for nearly a year. Who knows what happened. I’m sure it will turn up now that I’ve replaced it.

Once the foot was replaced I loaded the first of 4 customer quilts on the frame.   I’ve decided I will do a bit of computerized edge-to-edge quilting to help pay for my quilting hobby.

This is the back of the 4th quilt.



A Test Quilt

So, this is my practice quilt – well about 1/4 of it. Just tons of HST and blocks.   I have all the HSTs made. Half of them still need to be pressed and dog ears trimmed off.  I need to cut more neutral squares.  As for the practice, not only will I have something to practice my quilting on, I have discovered that I need to build the top differently to get the seams to nest together. So, this has been a great exercise.

As I’ve worked on these blocks I’ve added a few more Easy Breezy blocks. I think while I’m cutting the squares for the RWB quilt, I’ll cut squares to alternate with the Easy Breezy blocks. I have just about enough to make a toddler quilt.


Easy Breezy = 78


New Quilts in the Queue

Actually it is two new quilts.  My last post had me picking fabrics for a sampler quilt (Quilt #1). This is my final decision — but I haven’t started it since it was a crazy week at work and I never made it into my sewing room.  I was able to play a bit in EQ. I’ve designed a quilt for a wedding gift for my nephew and his wife.  They requested whites and creams with a hint of sea foam and lavender as shown in this color palette:

So Saturday I headed to Quilters Haven in Olathe,  Kansas to look for batiks.

I seldom buy fabric in one go for a quilt – especially if it is going to be scrappy, but that’s what I did.   So this is Quilt #2. But before I start cutting into the fabric I want to make certain I have the pattern correct – not to mention have a quilt I can practice my quilting on when I get that far.  So I pulled red, blue and neutral FQs from my stash to make some practice blocks. Thus Quilt #3 – although it’s the one that is currently being worked on.