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Back on Track



After a week of NOT working on the baby quilt, I cleared off the cutting table and traced the notes onto the music staff so I could work on the third line of music. I really need to cut the 4th border and get it traced off as well so I  can start it when I get this one finished.  This time I’m stitching a hoop’s worth of staff and the notes instead of stitching the staff then going back and doing the notes.

Last night I also discovered that the pocket on the back of my ‘busy bag’  is large enough to hold my Kindle in its case.




What’s On My Design Wall

dw0421 wall

There’s all sorts of stuff going on in my sewing area. Eeyore is still hanging there — well Piglet is. Eeyore is still to be done. The baby quilt is still in process, but no additional work has been done since I finished the embroidery on the second border.  That’s Sydney’s red, black and white rail fence on the right. The backing fabric is laying over the DWR on the left.

So why haven’t I done more?  Saturday I ran to Jo-Ann’s to pick up a spool of thread to bind this quilt for a friend.


I  had a 40% and a 50% coupon, so I wandered around the store looking for something to buy – not really something I normally do.  I end up using coupons on the two spools of thread – the green for the binding and a gray for piecing. Additionally I picked up another skein of black embroidery thread for the baby quilt and this:

dw0421 punch

This is a the X-Large Fiskars Hexagon punch.  It measures 1″ across each edge. Needless to say, there is a not a junk mail card that hasn’t been punched.  While I was at it, I cut a ton of hexagons from 2 1/2″ strips and put together a busy bag.

dw0421 bag

This bag was given to me a few years ago.  Previously I had sewing/quilting notions in it, but then migrated to other solutions. It’s perfect for what I need now.

dw0421 bag1

Left to right: the punched cards and a small bag of paper clips; cut hexagons; basted hexagons and a few clipped to cards.  The next page is has a whole stack of neutral hexagons on one side of the page and the black embroidery thread for the baby quilt on the other side of the page. That’s where I’ll put the the next two borders once I get them traced off.

dw0421 bag2

I have a few hexagons stitched together — I really need to nail down the pattern before I go too much further. On the right is a panel of Winter Wonderland – a long term project that I’ve been working on.

dw0421 bag3

I also have the hexagon template in that sleeve – which I will probably pull out.  In the next to last pocket just shoved willy nilly is the thread for the hexagons and the red work, scissors, nail file, needles, pens and who knows what else. The last pocket has the next to last block for the Christmas BOM and thread plus those applique flowers I did a couple of months ago.

Since everything is together it will be easy to grab and go. I don’t even have to worry about getting bored working on just one project – there’s 4 in this bag.

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Two Lines Done



Two to go.

What’s On My Design Wall



Friday night was Stitch & Chat at the LQS. Normally I would take my DWR, but I am in desperate need of finishing the baby quilt.  I wonder how many notes I can stitch this evening?

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Stash Report



Oh, my.  Yesterday my friends and I went to a new to us quilt shop – By the Yard in Rayville, Missouri. This is their 7th anniversary and they were having an anniversary sale. I found them because I was looking for a near by shop which carries the American Made Brand fabric.  It’s a great shop and was worth the drive (about an hour north of me). This is what I managed to limit myself to.

The black and bright was an impulse buy – Loralie Designs to go with her Cool Cats that I bought several years ago. The large pink and brown reproduction print on the right will be the backing for the pink and brown quilt top I made several years ago. It was on the clearance rack at a fantastic price and then if you bought 5 yards you got one free. Seven yards came home with me.  I’m going to try to match the seam.

In the back is what brought me to the store.  AMB fabric in Light Kahki, Aqua, Brown and Light Yellow. I’m going to use this to test a new quilt pattern. The print behind it will be my backing — it is not an AMB fabric.

There were several other pieces of fabric I would have loved to brought home, but I knew if I did, it would just sit in on my shelf for a while.

Since I knew my numbers were going to jump up, I finally finished de-boning the shirts I bought last month. Those numbers are now in my total as well.

Fabric added this week: 17.75 yards + 10.25 recycled
Fabric added to date: 57.879 yards

Fabric used this week: 0 yards
Fabric used to date: 38.987 yards

Net used to date: -18.982 yards

Nothing like having more fabric now than when I started the year.

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In the Mail



Now to pick colors for my next quilt.

Didn’t Quite Make It



I didn’t quite make it to the of the staff.  In fact there’s a tad bit over one bar left to stitch. On the other hand, instead of stitching I actually put away some laundry. I suppose that’s a fair trade off.

I Really Am Working On It



This is the right side border to the baby quilt. I traced the music notes onto the staff this evening and started stitching.  I’ve got a smidgen over 2 bars stitched in this 5 bar staff. Maybe I’ll be able to get an earlier start tomorrow evening and finish the staff so I can move onto the music.

Finish Along 2014 – 2nd Quarter



It’s time to list my 2nd quarter finish along projects.  Of all the projects listed for the first quarter, I only finished the Tetris wall hanging.  If I’m going to completely finish 15 or 16 projects this year and complete 7 flimsies, I need to do better this quarter.

So, left to right top to bottom:

  • Hancock Stars BOM – working on it  quilt-as-you-go
  • Scrappy Trips (I finished the top last quarter – that’s progress, right?)
  • Christmas Row Swap – I have the batting and fabric for the backing
  • Easy As Pie – no, not quilting, but still counts for the Finish Along currently 136 stitches on the needle
  • String HST wall hanging – needs border and quilting
  • Music Baby Quilt – needs the borders & quilting
  • Purple Thangles BOM – need to make a decision about the backing and quilt it!
  • Diamond Links - need to quilt about 3 rows and the border so I can bind it.
  • Yellow Thangles BOM - need to make a decision about the backing and quilt it!
  • DWR – need to finish quilting and bind – progress shown on right
  • Compass Lone Star – working on it quilt-as-you-go
  • Deadline II – may need to be re-quilted before binding
  • Eeyore – a long way to go
  • Cream and Green Swap – working on it quilt-as-you-go

As I did last quarter, I’m listing the quilts that I’ve decided to finish or may finish before the year is up.  I tend to wander in my quilting, so who knows what I’ll really work on this quarter. I can say that the Music Baby Quilt is first on the list. My best guess after that is Eeyore, the shawl, Scrappy Trips and Deadline II – that is if something new doesn’t pop up.

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What’s On My Design Wall



It’s been such a long time since I’ve done any sewing beyond piecing quilts, that it took me a week to figure out how to hem a prom dress.  It needed a narrow hem – easy enough – but I couldn’t use heat on the material, so it was a challenge.  Finally ended up using a super fine machine embroidery bobbin thread in the top and bottom to stitch each fold in place and then a slightly heavier thread for the final stitching.

After the dress, I decided to work on my Jared Takes A Wife top.  I stitched all of the star points and now I can’t do anything else until I cut more fabric. The green is going to be the sashing and the inner star points. There will be a narrow pink border between the sashing and the outer paisley border.

Before I do any more on JTAW, I’m going to finish the music baby quilt.

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