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Back at the Sewing Machine


I was off from work yesterday afternoon, but did not attempt to do any quilting until later in the evening. Perhaps that was my mistake. Or trying to read the pattern instructions on my phone. Anyway, I stitched the side seam of my Bionic bag and found batting for the outer fabric. That’s when I realized I had a problem.  Not only was the outer fabric too wide (I gather this was to be expected),  it was too short.


Given that it was now late in the evening, I decided moving forward on this project was going to have to wait until I re-read the instructions a few more times and looked for hints and tips on the internet, maybe asking a few questions of people who have made this bag.

But not wanting to have nothing to show for my time at the sewing machine, I pulled out the fabric I had cut for another zipper bag.



3rd Quarter Goals

Rhonda's [Quilt] Ramblings
Not daunted by listing out quilting/sewing goals that don’t get finished, here are this quarter’s main goals.
  • Bionic Bagbionic
  • Zipper Bags (at least one – I haven’t decided if I like the other 3 fabrics together.)zipbags
  • The Blue Disappearing 9-Patch — Both the top and backing are made and there’s batting around here somewhere.bluetop
  • Strip Twist – a long shot as it is still in pieces and I have no idea what I’m going to use for the backing.striptwist
  • Cream & Green Swap – This really needs to be done first.andrea-gift
  • Monochromatic Tablerunner – I’m sure there’s something in the stash I can use for the backing.tablerunner

Of course the best laid plans don’t always come to fruition, so I am going to hope if I finish something else it will be one of my numerous UFOs or planned projects listed below:

The quilt tops:


Pink & Brown, Christmas BOM, Scrap Patch Hearts, Black & White 4-Patch, Christmas Crazy Eights, Raising Cane, 2012 Mystery, 2008 Retreat Swap, Baby Black &  White 4-Patch, Whitework, Stack ‘n Whack, Thangles BOM1, Black & White Strip Twist, Old Tobacco Road, Machine Quilting Sampler, Fairy Frost Sunset, 2011 Twin Mystery, QIAD Christmas Row Quilt, Mom’s 4-Patch, 2011 Mystery, Estate Doves  in the Window

The quilts in progress:


Lee’s Baskets, Mom’s Thangles, Hancock BOM, Border Class Sample, Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler, Twas the Night Before Christmas #2, Sheryl’s Churn Dash Blocks, Cream & Green Sampler,  Alphabet BOM, Hexie Hand Project, Twas the Night Before Christmas #1, Mom’s Sweatshirt, Sisters Swap, Just Takes 2, Estate Double Wedding Ring, Compass Lone Star, Candy Sunflower Seeds, QAYG String Blocks, Postage Stamp, Faux Applique, Blue Strings, String HST Wall Hanging, Christmas Blocks from Lee, Lillbet’s Garden, Star A Day

I probably should have done another picture, but I’ve been having computer issues all week and want to get this posted while I can.

There are a few other things kicking about in the sewing room, but given I can’t find the cutting table or ironing board and haven’t unpacked from the retreat back in early June, I’m not likely to finish those either.

See what others are planning on working on this quarter over at RhondasRamblings.

Edited 7/16/16 4:00 PM — Since I’ve posted this, and the deadline to post our list has not past, I’ve rounded up pictures of the rest of the projects that are kicking around the sewing room.


Triangle Frenzy Runner, August 2013 Quilt A, Squedge Ruler Project


The Night Before Christmas, Tuscan Sun


May Pole Bag/Accessories, Pineapple Blossoms, Music Throw



I think that’s everything now.

Finish-A-Long Results

Rhonda's [Quilt] Ramblings
Ha! I feel like I’ve got nothing done the first 6 months of the year.  I know I haven’t finished anything on the Finish-A-Long list.  But as I started thinking of what I HAVE accomplished, it’s not as bleak as I thought.
In February I finished the Blue Disappearing 9-Patch top.
Early March found me making this monochromatic tablerunner as a class sampler — which still needs to be quilted.
Late March was a mad dash for a shop sample. – No picture.
April and May I worked on the blocks for Alletore – the 2015 Bonnie Hunter Mystery.retreatmystery
While doing these quilts, I made progress on the Tumbler Leader/Ender project – finishing it unless I decide to add a couple of more rows. It roughly measures 70 x 80.
I also finished the backing to for the Disappearing 9-Patch.
Progress was made on both Strip Twist & Pineapple Blossom.
Now here’s a finish.  These are 10 of the 17 bags I made for gifts. I didn’t get a picture of the rest of them.10bags
Another finish is this travel iron tote.
And since I got into my Maypole fabrics, I decided to make a Bionic Gear Bag to go with it. It is still in progress.
There may not be any finishes which count toward the Finish-A-Long, but I did more than I thought.

What is Scrappy?


Grandpa’s Best, Diamond Links, Eye Fooler (tweaked for my use)
Scrappy Irish Chain, Texas Braid, Ladder to the Stars
Sew Scrappy, Sisters Choice – Bonnie Hunter (tweaked for my use), Turning Twenty Again

Since I seem to not be blogging much this year, I thought I would share a post I wrote on Facebook in the Quiltville’s Open Studio group.

One of the first posts I read this morning had to do with what is scrappy. I suspect the post was written as a commentary on marketing of fabric and patterns. So, I thought I would put together a college of some of my ‘scrappy’ quilts.

If ‘scrappy’ is defined as ‘left over fabric’ (assuming one can buy fabric to tie it together) all but two of these quilts fit that category – Top Center & Bottom Right — The Top Center were collected FQs specifically for the quilt and the Bottom Right was a FQ stack from the same line of fabric. The top center I use as an example when someone says they ‘don’t like scrappy’. I think it was cut from 12 – 15 FQ of each color. 36 – 45 different fabrics say scrappy to me.

If a quilt is not scrappy because the fabric is from the same line there are 3 quilts in the picture that match this criteria (Bottom Row). The Bottom Left are scraps of Kansas Trouble fabrics given to me. The Bottom Center used a Three Sisters charm pack as the basis of the 9-patch – the green and peach are consistent throughout the quilt, but the background is scrappy. The Bottom Right I mentioned previously.

The Top Left was made from blues in my stash I think the only thing I purchased was the border fabric. The Top right the black and gold was purchased, the brights were from my scraps.

The quilts in the center row are from my scraps, except for the fabric I used to tie them together. The Left Center uses a constant background fabric. Center quilt uses a purchased red. The Right Center I purchased the gold, red and blue.

So bottom line, I think scrappy is in the eye of the viewer. I’ve had people who say they ‘don’t do scrappy’ or ‘I don’t like scrappy’ change their mind when they see what ‘scrappy’ can be.


I suspect this is what the Quilting Police are really thinking when they say “scrappy”:


Oklahoma Back Roads, Log Cabin, Scrappy Trips

These three quilts were made from my scraps – some pre-cut into squares, rectangles and strips, others from what was left from the FQs which I had previously cut into for another project.The only “yardage” used was the binding — and for all three of these quilts it was left over from another project, or at least not purchased specifically for these quilts.

I could come up with more examples of ‘scrappy’, but if you found my blog prior to the first of the year, you know ‘scrappy’ is what I do. I seldom make quilts from a single line of fabric or using just a few fabrics.



At the quilt retreat last weekend we played Left-Right-Center. After losing all my FQ by the second round, I came out the winner. 21 FQs. I can’t wait to use them.

What’s On My Design Wall


Today’s post is actually of my design wall! This past weekend I went on a retreat and finished the Allietare blocks — that’s the mystery quilt that Bonnie Hunter presented this past December. These are not all of the blocks, but just the one’s I tossed up on the design wall last night.

When I head to a retreat, I do my best to get up frequently and walk to the ironing board. This results in lots of progress on the leader/ender project, which currently is Tumblers.  I have all but 8 rows finished, and those 8 rows just need 3 pieces attached to them. I’ve started sewing the rows together and have 16 sewn together.


It is about 70″ wide and eventually will be 80″ long.

The rest of this month is going to be crazy, so I doubt I’ll do much but repack my bags as I head out to another retreat on the 6th.

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What’s on My Design Wall


I’m preparing to go to a quilt retreat this week. So naturally I need to get a few projects lined up. Allietare is boxed up and ready to go. It will be my primary project. I’ll take the Tumblers as my leader/ender project and just because will toss in my postage stamp L/E. The retreat is from Thursday evening until Noon Sunday, so I hope to have time to work on at least one more project.

For that project I cut strips for a Strip Twist quilt. After I had the fabric cut, I made two sample blocks. This quilt should go together quickly — provided I remember to test my seam allowance first. I spent a good bit of time ripping out seams since my strip set was too narrow.


Remember those 2″ and 1-1/2″ shirting strips I cut a few weeks ago? Something set me off and I decided that I would make Pineapple Blossom. I’m going to use the name neutral throughout since I have a length of this fabric. I’ll keep making blocks until I run out of 2″ strips of shirting, so I have no idea how big this quilt will be or where it will end up.


As for what I should be working on, I’ve got 3 of 10 rows sewn together in 2 sections (6 blocks and 3-1/2 blocks) with two more rows pined and ready to sew together.



I really need to get motivated and finish this backing so I can get to the quilting.

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A New Rotary Blade Was Needed


After cutting up all those shirts for the back of the Blue Disappearing 9-Patch and making a pile of 2″ and 1-1/2″ strips plus a stack of 5″ squares, a new rotary blade was needed in my cutter.

Last night I cut the dark fabric for my next quilt a blue/green Strip Twist. Up next are the lights/neutrals.  I’m taking these pre-cut strips to the retreat next weekend.

What’s On My Design Wall


I thought for certain I would have the backing pieced for today’s design wall post. But it was not to be and I have no idea what I did instead of quilting this weekend.  I have two of the 10 rows pieced and ready to sew together. I changed my plan and instead of finishing each row with 2 5-1/2″ squares, I dug through the ‘scraps’ and found enough fabric to cut a 5-1/2″ x 10-1/2″ rectangle. I think it will look better. I also got a few more “8’s” sewn into “16’s” on my leader/ender Tumblers.

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Ready To Sew


Well, ready to sew may be a bit premature. But, I have 90 10-1/2″ squares – half light, half dark and a stack of 5-1/2″ shirt squares ready to layout into a backing for the Blue Disappearing 9-Patch. There’s also a stack of 2″ and 1-1/2″ strips for a future quilt.