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What’s On My Design Wall



At first glance it doesn’t look like anything on my design wall has changed.  But there are more stars on the wall.  I’ve been keeping up with them.  Now that the scraps and magazines are gone through, it’s on to cleaning up the sewing room. I’ve taken 2 steps already.

Yesterday afternoon I  helped a friend baste her king size quilt. We decided the backing really needed pressing, so I had to clear the ironing board off. Some of the stuff ended up on the cutting table, the scraps I had been digging through ended up in a scrap bin, but the large stuff got put away appropriately. The 2nd thing I did was put away the piles of fabric I had pulled out for the Grand Illusion Mystery. I haven’t given up on doing the mystery, I simply need to clear the decks to get a few other things done first.

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Stash Report


Last week this was the pile of “scraps” and quilting magazines I needed to go through. I’m happy to report as of last night I completed both tasks.


These are the magazines I’m not keeping, passing them along to my sister to go through. Yes, there are more in the boxes now than when I started. The last thing I did was go through mine, including those that hadn’t made onto the shelf since there wasn’t any room.

I now have space.


As for the “scraps”, after it was all said and done I ended up with a bin full of usable scraps and about 1/2 a popcorn tin of crumbs (the tin was 1/2 full to begin with). Although I do wonder why I collect crumbs. In the end I usually give them away.


In addition to the scraps, there was a bunch of Christmas fabric with fusible. There’s probably enough to decorate 2 or 3 sweatshirts.


As far as yardage goes…I weighed the scraps — 7.8 pounds.  Doesn’t that work out to about 31 yards at 4 pounds a yard? I’m going to add it to the recycled column of my spreadsheet. It will still get counted in my total, but not as purchased yardage.

Fabric Added Since Last Report 31.2 yards
Fabric Added to Date: 197.074 yards (92.45 is recycled)

Fabric Used Since Last Report: 0 yards
Fabric Used to Date: 99.275 yards

Net Increase in Stash to Date:  -97.799 yards

I really need to finish something. I’m going backwards….

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Ooh — I just realized I haven’t counted (or sorted through) the milk crate of scraps I bought at the estate sale a few weeks ago.  Maybe next week.

Butterscotch & Gracie

butterscotchgracieA few weeks ago Ted & I adopted two cats. Butterscotch & Gracie.  The picture above is one taken by their previous owners/staff. We were told they were BFFs. Until recently, their favorite place has been under the bed.




Gracie has also been found under the kitchen sink (now cat-proofed!) and in the fireplace.




Butterscotch has started venturing out. Here she is hanging out on the back of the chair.



She is also learning about being a quilt inspector…



and fabric selection.




Gracie did hang out with Ted, briefly, last night.


I hope one of these days I see both cats at the same time.


Craigslist Projects


No, that’s not a pile of trash in my sewing room.

Last week my husband clicked on the Free category in Craigslist and found a listing for “fabric scraps” – specifically quilting fabric scraps. Wonderful guy that he is, he brought it to my attention and I called.  Six bags. I’ve gone through part of the open bag and sorted it into “scraps”, “crumbs” and “too small for me”. I think this is going to take a while.


A few days later, in the same category, he found a listing for “quilting magazines”.  It’s going to take a while to go through these too. The boxes are still in my SUV. I hope I don’t need to haul anything anytime soon. Until I clear the “scraps” there’s no room for the magazines.

As long as the Royals are in the playoffs, I’ll sort and watch the game, but on travel days, I’m going to work on the batik quilt.


What’s On My Design Wall



This week I’ve rearranged the batik blocks to get the stars up on the wall. I have two more stars made which are not pictured, so I’m still on track.

Surprisingly, the Star-A-Day quilt has been taking a big chunk of my time. But hopefully I’m good to go as I’ve prepped the stars for the rest of the month.

The last week of September,  I pulled fabric for the October stars.



I stacked it all in my star box and couldn’t lift the box with one hand. So, I decided to further refine each kit. Last night I finished kiting up the October stars.

The pieces are traced and cut out, including the setting square.  I’ll explain those tiny squares in a minute.



They are then stacked up on the setting square.



I fold the setting square over to contain the pieces.



And stuff it into a business envelope which I’ve created 3 pockets by stitching through.



I did this for all of the sets which I’ve not stitched and filled 7 envelopes  for 21 prepped stars.



I’ve put two envelopes, a few pins, a couple of needles, thread, scissors, a pen and a glue stick into a pencil bag. It takes up much less space on my side table than the star box. The rest of the envelopes are in the star box in the sewing room.


So, why do I need those 3 tiny squares, a glue stick and pen? I’m keeping a journal of my quilt progress.



Now that the stars are under control (at least until the end of the month) maybe I can work on a second project — but will it be the batik quilt or one of the Craigslist projects? I’ll tell about those tomorrow.

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Stash Report



I haven’t reported the last few weeks as there’s been nothing to count in or out.  I’ve been keeping up with my Star-A-Day project, but that fabric won’t be counted until the top is finished. I did finish a project last week – I made a lining for a crocheted purse.

Thursday I found out that one of the LQS is going out of business. My husband encouraged me to go. So Saturday, armed with my budget and the list of fabric that I need to finish some of my numerous UFOs, off I went. Pictured above is what I came home with.

The turquoise is for the new Bonnie Hunter Mystery — if I decide to do it.  I wasn’t able to find a yellow I really liked. My sister and I will ultimately split this piece.  The paisley on the right I bought with the the idea of using it as the border for the Alphabet BOM. I’m considering a pieced sashing between the blocks and the brown and light blue is what I purchased for that. Given I still need to make 7 more blocks and haven’t settled on a layout, who knows if this is really what it will be used for.  My sister gets a piece of the light blue as well.  In exchange, I’ll get some of the black prints she bought.

Fabric Added Since Last Report (9/7/14): 18.807 yards
Fabric Added to Date: 165.874 yards

Fabric Used Since Last Report: 0.25 yards
Fabric Used to Date: 99.275 yards

Net Increase in Stash to Date:  -66.599 yards

It’s a good thing I haven’t been to the thrift shops lately, although I did pick up “scraps” off of the Free Stuff in Craigslist. I’m still wading through them or I would have included them in this report.

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Recap and Goal Setting



In September I seem to have limited myself to three quilts. Batik August C, Star-A-Day and the binding on the DWR. Given the DWR and the Star-A-Day quilt are handwork I’m not surprised. Nothing like getting excited about finishing a quilt and/or starting a new quilt – although the new quilt seems to have taken priority.

So it’s October and time to set this month’s goals and the 4th quarter goals for the 2014 Finish Along.

Setting the October goals is easy. 31 Stars, at least half of the remaining binding on the DWR, September & October’s Alphabet BOM blocks and at least half the remaining Batik August C blocks.

The 4th Quarter Finish Along Goals on the other hand…

I always seem to be finishing something that I didn’t plan on finishing. This last quarter it was the Abbey Memories. So, I’m going to do a 4 part list: Realistic; Possible; Long Shots and Just Dreaming.



  • Finish DWR
  • Batik August C
  • String HST



  • Scrappy Trips
  • Christmas Row Quilt
  • Christmas Crazy 8s
  • Diamond Links
  • Thangles BOM Yellow


These are the quilts/knitting that I’ve said I wanted to finish this year and yet they haven’t been worked on this or have fallen by the wayside.


  • Green & Cream Swap
  • Compass Lone Star
  • Hancock Stars BOM
  • Hardware
  • Easy As Pie
  • AMB August A
  • Christmas BOM
  • Candy Sunflower Seeds
  • Jared Takes a Wife


These are quilts that I wanted to get the top done this year, but they don’t count for the Finish Along unless they are quilted. Stranger things have happened, so here they are.


  •  Orca Bay
  • Sew Scrappy
  • ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas #1
  • ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas #2

Of course having outlined all this I could still pull a quilt out of the stack of tops and quilt it, get a wild idea to work on one of my other UFOs — or start something new. After all I do need to think about Kalli’s graduation quilt and what about Bonnie Hunter’s winter mystery quilt….

I’ll update the link to the Goal Setting Party next week when it opens.

What’s On My Design Wall



My Star-A-Day project is on the wall today.  I’ve been pushing myself to get ‘caught up’ on the stars and last night I finished the 28th star and I was able to assemble the section.  Spending so much time on this quilt to get it going has meant I’ve not worked on anything else. Now that I’ve I’m only working on a single star a day and it has ‘clicked’ and a star is not taking me 2 hours to make, I should have time to work on my other projects. But first I’ll select the fabrics for the next two weeks of stars.

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The Stars Have a Setting Fabric



This morning I received an e-mail from the LQS.  For Day #1 of their Customer Appreciation Week they were offering 40% off of any one cut of fabric. Very seldom does everything line up — a great sale, the need for a large length of fabric, budget and time.  I ran to the shop during lunch hoping I’d find something that I liked as well as what I showed yesterday or better yet that I’d like even better.

I did.

This is an older April Cornell fabric from the Nostalgia line – pattern # 35122. The creamy soft (very soft) yellow works well with all of the existing star backgrounds and the soft blue print gives just enough interest to the setting squares without becoming the focus point. I love that it is going to give a soft look to the quilt.

Yes, two more stars are done.  I sat in a different chair (no arms), had a bright light and possibly most importantly, wasn’t distracted by the TV. The stars went together much faster. So, I might just catch up by the end of the week and then can start working on other things after making a star.

What’s On My Design Wall



16 of the 3″ (finished) stars.  I’m considering the fabric I have them laying on as my setting fabric. I only bought a FQ over the weekend since I wasn’t certain about it, but I think it plays nicely with the star backgrounds I’ve used so far.

Over the weekend I traced off enough stars for the rest of the month. Now if I can come to some sort of balance between piecing a star and working at the machine.  Maybe if I had a book to listen to…

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