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What’s On My Design Wall



My Star-A-Day project is on the wall today.  I’ve been pushing myself to get ‘caught up’ on the stars and last night I finished the 28th star and I was able to assemble the section.  Spending so much time on this quilt to get it going has meant I’ve not worked on anything else. Now that I’ve I’m only working on a single star a day and it has ‘clicked’ and a star is not taking me 2 hours to make, I should have time to work on my other projects. But first I’ll select the fabrics for the next two weeks of stars.

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The Stars Have a Setting Fabric



This morning I received an e-mail from the LQS.  For Day #1 of their Customer Appreciation Week they were offering 40% off of any one cut of fabric. Very seldom does everything line up — a great sale, the need for a large length of fabric, budget and time.  I ran to the shop during lunch hoping I’d find something that I liked as well as what I showed yesterday or better yet that I’d like even better.

I did.

This is an older April Cornell fabric from the Nostalgia line – pattern # 35122. The creamy soft (very soft) yellow works well with all of the existing star backgrounds and the soft blue print gives just enough interest to the setting squares without becoming the focus point. I love that it is going to give a soft look to the quilt.

Yes, two more stars are done.  I sat in a different chair (no arms), had a bright light and possibly most importantly, wasn’t distracted by the TV. The stars went together much faster. So, I might just catch up by the end of the week and then can start working on other things after making a star.

What’s On My Design Wall



16 of the 3″ (finished) stars.  I’m considering the fabric I have them laying on as my setting fabric. I only bought a FQ over the weekend since I wasn’t certain about it, but I think it plays nicely with the star backgrounds I’ve used so far.

Over the weekend I traced off enough stars for the rest of the month. Now if I can come to some sort of balance between piecing a star and working at the machine.  Maybe if I had a book to listen to…

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This weekend I hit several garage sales and then a couple of quilt shops.  And I actually bought something!

The first sale I picked up the ruler, cutting mat, and quilt books.  Yes, I already own a copy of the first edition of the DWR book, but can I find it?  The second sale I picked up the crate of “strips” propping the books up.  Turns out it’s not all 100% cotton, but the crate itself is worth the price.  I will have new strips to add to my strips and string buckets just as soon as I go through them.

Now on to the quilt shop purchases. A friend and I drove up to Hamilton to Missouri Star. She was looking for something specific, I was along for the ride. I picked up the two stacks of neutral charm square for my Star-A-Day project.  Since the last time I was up there (either 1 or 2 years ago) they’ve opened up three new stores — a reproduction store, a holiday store and I a store I guess I would call “modern” – solids and blenders.  It’s my understanding they are planning a batik shop next.

Afterwards we stopped back in Cameron at Quilting Connections and I picked up two FQs. I’m going to need to buy the background fabric for my Star-A-Day quilt and I think one of these will work nicely. I want to get a few more stars made before I made up my mind though.

Speaking of stars, I need to pick more fabric as I’ve made up all the ones I traced off last wee.


More Stars



Two stars are from Monday, the blue one is from yesterday. I’m partway through another star, but got distracted by going and getting this sewing rocker.



Well there was also the distraction of thinking I had to replace a zipper in a formal dress by Saturday. After getting the young lady to try on the borrowed dress, it became apparent that the zipper was the least of the problems and another dress is needed.

Additionally, I ripped out the stitching where I attempted to machine stitch the binding down on the DWR. It still hasn’t made it into the sewing machine. Maybe tonight.

What’s On My Design Wall



And then there were six.  These are the first of 365 3″ finished LeMoyne stars I need for the Star-a-Day quilt by Karen Styles.




The idea is to stitch one star a day and at the end of the year you’ll have enough stars to make an 81″ x 81″ quilt.  The designer recommends that the quilt be assembled in sections as you go along so you don’t end up with a pile of stars at the end of the year.  I need a few more stars before I try to assemble my first section.

As for piecing them one a day, I can see an advantage to that – I did three last night and I can feel it in my wrist.  Given that I need to also be working on the DWR binding, I need to pace myself.

As for the DWR, I need to get it back to the sewing machine.  There’s a section which I need to re-stitch. It won’t take long, but it does require swapping the pressure foot on the machine and changing thread. I guess I’ll do that after work today.  That is after I stitch a few more of these blocks.  There are six laying on my sewing table ready for me to stitch the 2nd strip to them and a whole stack that need both strips.

Aug C0915


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I’m not sure I can call this a Star-a-Day — yet.  The top left star is #1.  It measures about 3″ instead of the 3-1/2″ it should measure.  It took me nearly a week to get it finished.  Hand piecing is right up there with applique. Which of course explains why I’m trying to embark on making 365 stars by hand.

Star #2 is the turquoise and brown. I started working on it before I finished the first one and it’s just not going together well. It will have to be taken apart and made over again.

Star #3 – the lime, blue & pink one.  Well, this is about the 3rd time I’ve put it together.  I discovered starching the fabric really well before tracing the templates makes it much easier to line the pieces up.  However, my thread (a silk thread I use for applique) kept pulling out so I set it aside to work on star #4.

Star #4, the one with the lady bugs,  I finished earlier this evening. It’s not quite 3-1/2″ but it’s close enough and I switched threads. Once I finished it I ripped out the stitches on star #3 and started over.  It wasn’t until I tied off the end of my thread that I noticed I have a couple of pieces in the wrong place.  My husband suggested it was a design element.  Nope, simply the lack of concentration.

I’ve been told it takes about 10 stars to get in the groove.  I wonder if doing stars over counts.

What’s On My Design Wall



At the moment, my design wall is empty. I’ve started sewing strips to the double square in a rectangle pieces.  Haven’t gotten very far.



On the other hand, I  have the binding on 7-1/2 arcs stitched down.  It’s beginning to look like a finished quilt. Only 22-1/2 arcs of binding to go.

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Stash Report

Although I was in multiple quilt shops this past week, I only came home with a single spool of thread and multiple patterns.  I even managed to pass up the fabric at a moving sale of a local fabric and quilt designer! The only used fabric is the binding for the DWR.

Fabric Added Since Last Report: 0 yards
Fabric Added to Date: 147.067 yards

Fabric Used Since Last Report: 0.75 yards
Fabric Used to Date: 99.025 yards

Net Increase in Stash to Date:  -48.042 yards

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Pattern Week



This week I’ve been buying patterns.

On the right is Terry Atkinson’s pattern All About Me. I first saw this quilt done up in University of Kansas fabrics and immediately thought it would be a great pattern for either my cat fabric or music fabric.  I bought my copy of the pattern at Stitch on Needlework in Lawrence, Kansas.

The middle pattern is Eye Fooler by Krisanne Watkins. I first saw this quilt on Subee Sews Quilts, but then forgot that’s where I saw it. So I searched ‘net and found a version of it at Rouge Quilter. where I found a mailing address. I could have saved myself a bit of time and ordered the pattern on-line, but by the time I found Quail Valley Quilts, I had already sent a check in. I’m planning on making this quilt in brights on a black background for my niece’s graduation.

The pattern on the left is Star-a-Day by  Karen Styles. I’m not even certain how I tripped over this pattern.  I picked my copy up at Quilting Bits and Pieces in Eudora, Kansas. The idea is to make one 3″ LeMoyne Star every day for a year – not repeating any star fabric. They are set together alternating with 3″ squares.  I’m not a handwork person and I am in the process of hand stitching the binding down on my DWR, there is the hexie project in my busy bag along with some red work, a few applique pieces and a bit of embroidery, so there is no reason for me to start a new hand project. But as you can see, there is the first little star waiting for the rest of the setting pieces….