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What’s On My Design Wall


There are all sorts of things laying about my area in the midst of mid project. Pictured above are some placemats that I made over the weekend. They still need to be bound. I’m rusty on bias binding, so I’m using the tutorial over at Generations Quilt PatternsIf this goes well, I’ll be willing to tackle the binding on my Double Wedding Ring.

dw0713 dwrbias

I sure hope 3/4 of a yard will make enough binding – there’s no way I can get any more of that fabric. I suspect I’ll cut this binding will be narrower than my usual 2-1/2″.

dw0713 equilt

I’ve also started marking the cable into one of the borders on Eeyore.  I have the sides and bottom to mark then I can start quilting again.

Then it will be time to decide if I’m going to go with straight or bias binding — which I suppose will also depend on how well the first two projects go.

dw0713 ebindstraight

dw0713 ebindbias

At least I don’t have to worry about not having enough fabric – I have at least 2-1/2 yards left.

dw0713 case

Percolating  in the back of my mind are the pillowcases I need to make. The one above for a quilt I’ll show towards the end of the year; Eeyore; and a pair for the DWR. I really need to make one for both of my Ladder to the Star quilts, along with labels for all of the above.

dw0713 tripback

A few weeks ago I started working on the backing for the Treadle Scrappy Trips. I want to match the seam, so I’ve started pinning it together.

dw0713 table

I need to clean up my cutting table.  That pile of fabric in center either needs to either be put up or I need to come closer to finalizing the quilt pattern – given everything on my plate I think putting it up will be my best bet.

dw0713 shirts

Then there are the shirts. Not only do I need to deal with these now that they’ve been washed, the box standing on end under the cutting table contained washed shirts too.  Looking at that pile and knowing it doesn’t take that many shirts to kill a stash report kept me from the thrift shops yesterday.

dw0713 snow

Finally, there’s the snowmen family block from the Christmas BOM. This is one of the two blocks I have left to finish before I can finish assembling the center of the quilt top.  The pattern called for appliquéd arms, pipe and nose and I decided they could be embroidered. Since I had finished the quilting on the DWR before Stitch & Chat, this is what I worked on. It’s gone back into the busy bag for another time.

I need to just work on this one bite at a time so I don’t stall trying to figure out what to do first.   Stay tuned to see what I get done this week.

In the meantime, check out what others are doing by following the links over at Patchwork Times.

Stash Report

Nothing in, nothing out.  Not that I haven’t been working on things.

Fabric Added Since Last Report: 0 yards
Fabric Added to Date: 146.734 yards

Fabric Used Since Last Report: 0 yards
Fabric Used to Date: 84.985 yards

Net Increase in Stash to Date:  61.749 yards

Other’s reports can be seen over at Patchwork Times.

The Last Quilting Stitches



These weren’t the last, but toward the end.  My husband made them. He wasn’t too keen on the idea, but knew it was important to me, so he did a few stitches.



That stitch which I’m pointing to is the last stitch.

Now to trim the quilt and get the bias binding made.  I do hope I have enough fabric. Anyone know how to calculate the length of binding needed for a scalloped edge quilt?



Once I get the quilt trimmed, I’ll see about getting a picture of it.

Have You Noticed?

I’ve been updating the image of the Double Wedding Ring on my sidebar the past few days. This is where it started:

dwr0209February 9th

dwr0706July 6th

dwr0707July 7th

dwr0708 July 8th

dwrleftcornerIn the “flesh” so to speak.

As soon as I get this “corner” quilted it will be time to bind the quilt. I might just finish it in less than 25 years. – I bought the fabric in September 1989 and took the class in September/October of that year.


What’s On My Design Wall



This weekend I finished quilting the grid “behind” the applique.  Now it’s time to figure out the borders.  While debating ignoring that question I did a bit more on the DWR. I also spent a good bit of time re-reading (again) Drums of Autumn.

Follow the links over to Patchwork Times to see what other’s have been up to.


Stash Report

Short and sweet this week. All  I bought this week is a spool of green thread and a roll of painter’s tape.

Fabric Added Since Last Report: 0 yards
Fabric Added to Date: 146.734 yards

Fabric Used Since Last Report: 0 yards
Fabric Used to Date: 84.985 yards

Net Increase in Stash to Date:  61.749 yards

Other’s reports can be seen over at Patchwork Times.

Happy 4th of July


Guess What I Found



Yes, it’s the silicon mat that went missing earlier this year.  You may remember that in early June I broke down and bought another pressing mat – assuming my original mat would turn up.  It didn’t and I needed to finish Eeyore, so I went ahead opened and used the new mat — which I couldn’t find when I packed for the retreat a week later.

This one surfaced when I dug through a box of “sewing stuff” under my sewing table.  It is now in its usual place in the drawer on the shelf.  I’m sure the second mat will turn up sooner or later. It’s not like I took it anywhere….

Goals for July and the 3rd Qtr Finish Along



Boy do I think I’m dreaming if I expect to FINISH all of these projects by the end of the 3rd Quarter.  Most of these are recycled from earlier in the year and that’s OK because I am getting things done.  So what’s on the 3rd quarter list?

  • Diamond Links – it is partially quilted
  • Easy As Pie – I haven’t touched this in at least a month
  • Double Wedding Ring — just two corners to quilt and then bind
  • Quilt A – this would be a new quilt
  • Quilt C – this is a new quilt as well
  • Yellow Thangles BOM – needs to be quilted
  • Green & Cream Swap – working on it quilt-as-you-go
  • Hardware – a new start
  • Compass Lone Star – a new start
  • String HST – it’s not very big and needs borders and quilting
  • Jared Takes a Wife – I’d love to get this quilted
  • Eeyore – Must get this quilted
  • Scrappy Trips – needs to be quilted
  • Christmas Row Quilt – needs to be quilted
  • Hancock Stars BOM – working on it quilt-as-you-go

There are other quilt tops in pieces that I want to finish this year but don’t necessarily expect to get quilted. Since the list above is for the 3rd Quarter Finish Along over at The Littlest Thistle – I won’t list them unless I really think I can get them finished by the end of the year. As soon as the linky is up I’ll link to it HERE.



So, realistically what do I think I can get done in July?

  • Quilt and finish Eeyore – it’s up first
  • Quilt and finish Scrappy Trips on the treadle
  • Quilt, by hand, one of the two remaining corners of the Double Wedding Ring
  • Finish Candy Sunflower seeds (that’s one of the borders)
  • Make the “R” and the “S” blocks for the Alphabet BOM

To the best of my knowledge I have not forgotten to make any quilts. I do have to finish sewing a hanging sleeve,  but I should be able to knock that out tonight. I might just get everything done this month.

June’s Results



I may not have gotten everything on my list for June done, but I’m please with what I did get done – whether it was on my list or not.

  • Bound Ladder to the Stars II
  • Finished the Eeyore top
  • Made the backing for the Eeyore quilt (jelly roll quilt)
  • Started & completed the “forgotten quilt”
  • Finished Jared Takes a Wife top
  • Quilted, bound and labeled the Purple Thangles BOM
  • Worked on the Candy Sunflower Seed borders

Now to figure out what I want/need to get done in July.