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Stash Report

It’s been a long week with no sewing. I may have gotten one shirt cut for the quilt backs I’m working on, but I’m not sure. On the other hand the house is clean (my office/studio excluded), 4 very large piles of brush were hauled off yesterday and I managed to get everyone fed who came to help.

As for that sheet that I was eyeing last week…I completely forgot to go get it on Monday when it was on sale. Although the non-sale price was good for the amount of fabric I could harvest with little work, it didn’t really go with any of my quilt tops ready for a backing — or it wasn’t big enough.

Simple report this week,  nothing in, nothing out.

Fabric Added Since Last Report 0 yards
Fabric Added to Date: 181.805 yards

Fabric Used Since Last Report: 0 yards
Fabric Used to Date: 54.979 yards

INCREASE in Stash to Date:  126.826 yards

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What’s On My Design Wall



Truthfully? Nothing.  But that’s because I finished the Red Disappearing 9-Patch late Friday night. Here’s a better picture than the one I posted Saturday morning. But have no fear, I’ve got my rotary cutter out.  I’m wading back through my shirts, cutting 9″ squares to make backings for the DP9 quilts, tumblers for the leader ender challenge, tracing star points and trimming up the scraps to go into my pre-cut boxes.

When I started cutting for the backing, I thought I’d be lucky to empty half a box, but if I’ll go ahead and take care of scraps instead of folding them back into the box, who knows how much space I’ll have when I’m done.

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Stash Report

I have a quilt top so I have yardage to report as used! I’ll save the quilt top for tomorrow’s Design Wall post, but I’ll show the backing I’m now working on.


Yes, more shirt fabric. I’m cutting 9″ squares to piece into backings for the 3 DP9 quilts and need 320 of them! I can sometimes get 2 squares from a long sleeve depending on how big the shirt was. This is a stack of 21 squares. At this point there’s not much left in the shirts, but I’m not quite ready to cut them into strips. While I’m cutting these squares, I am cutting more tumblers.

I briefly thought about buying this sheet set at Savers, but since I wasn’t sure I had a quilt top it would work wiith as a backing and linens are 40% off on Monday…


So, the new numbers are:

Fabric Added Since Last Report 0 yards
Fabric Added to Date: 181.805 yards

Fabric Used Since Last Report: 6.806 yards
Fabric Used to Date: 54.979 yards

INCREASE in Stash to Date:  126.826 yards

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The Red Disappearing 9-Patch is a Top!


Perhaps it’s because the Royals went to the World Series last fall, but I find myself wanting to watch the baseball games. Last night was no different since we weren’t working in the yard. But at the same time, I knew I only had about 2 hours of work left on the Red Disappearing 9-Patch. I decided I would sew and listen to the game on the radio.  That’s when I discovered that my trusty CD Player/Radio box wouldn’t switch to AM! I think my husband thought I was crazy, but he couldn’t get the switch to move either.  He finally remembered this work site radio out in the garage. I really need to dust it off.

With the game on, I finished up the DP9 before the 7th inning stretch.


I took it back to show my husband and the cats followed.  When it stops raining I’ll try to get better picture.

Wednesday Fun




Or not.  It was dry enough to work in the yard again, so I got drafted for chipper duty. The top picture shows part of the largest brush pile. Where the grass is longer is what I chipped up.  It only fills 1/2 of a trash can.  I can’t remember what the humidity was this afternoon, but the “feels like” temperature was 95 degrees Fahrenheit and I was feeling it. Over 45 minutes 3 bottles of water and one trip to the sewing machine to repair a seam on the catcher.

Three hours of recovery later, I finally got to the sewing machine.  I stitched the blocks in the first two rows of the current section of the Red Disappearing 9-Patch. The rest will have to wait for another day.


I also stitched a few Tumblers as my leader/enders. The cut pile is getting short so I see more cutting in my future.



What’s On My Design Wall


This is the 3rd section of the Red Disappearing 9-Patch.  Those white squares are labels I pinned on the blocks to help me order them on the wall.  I have the first two sections sewn together and hanging on my shelves.


As I look at the top hanging, it seems to give off a different vibe that many of my other quilts.  This seems like a summer quilt – lightweight & cool.  It reconfirms my desire to back it using more shirting fabric.  Once I get the green one done, I’ll pull the shirts back out and piece backs for all three Disappearing 9-patches — although I may have enough backing fabric left from my DWR to do one back.

The quilting will be simple – 3 lines of cross hatching through the blocks going both ways – in red thread.

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Stash Report


Another week where nothing has changed on the stash report — but I’m OK with that as I have half of the Red Disappearing 9-Patch quilt top sewn together. No or little ran is forcasted for this coming week so I expect daylight hours after work will be spent chipping the brush as the carburetor was replaced yesterday. But even if I only spend 15 minutes each day, I should be able to finish it — and stitching pairs of tumblers from what I have cut out.

Fabric Added Since Last Report 0 yards
Fabric Added to Date: 181.805 yards

Fabric Used Since Last Report: 0 yards
Fabric Used to Date: 48.173 yards

INCREASE in Stash to Date:  133.632 yards

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Red DP9 Blocks


All 144 of the Red Disappearing 9-Patch blocks are made. I’ll use 143 in the quilt in an 11 x 13 setting. My design wall is not large enough to for even half of the blocks, so I’m going to work in quarters. But that’s for another day. This evening is Stitch & Chat. My plan is to start sewing the Green Disappearing 9-Patch blocks.

The carburetor is supposed to be in for the chipper and the sun is supposed to shine, so I expect I’ll spend the weekend outside working on the yard.

She Sews!


I’ve wanted to piece or quilt for the past few days – and since it’s rained  couple of days it would be guilt free! But I haven’t been able to make myself sit in front of the the sewing machine. I really hadn’t felt well, but couldn’t pinpoint why. I didn’t think I was sick.

Last night I realized my back was out of whack so a visit to the chiropractor was in order. Then I got to thinking about what I did to throw my back out of alignment.

  • Assisted in moving an old sleeper sofa.
  • Assisted with moving the new sofa and generally rearranging the living room furniture
  • Assisted in moving a wood chipper

No wonder we did nothing on the 4th.  All of that was done on the 3rd.

I left the chiropractor’s office this morning feeling much better and this evening I was able to partially stitch the last of the blocks I need for the Red Disappearing 9-Patch — and a bunch of L/E Tumblers. Now, as long as the new carburetor for the wood chipper doesn’t show up, I might get to stitch tomorrow night as well.

3rd Quarter Finish-Along

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

It’s time to link up our lists of what we plan to finish in the 3rd quarter with Adrianne at On the Windy Side. Normally, I’d go back and add the link to the July 1st post were I outlined a selection of projects from my WIP and TBQ lists. But with all that is going on around here, it’s entirely possible I’ll need a quick finish to say I’ve gotten anything done. Given there is no penalty for not finishing everything on the list, I’m just going to list everything that is in progress, plus a few PIGS.

Works In Progress:


Quilted Sweatshirt, Just Takes Two, Sisters Swap, Compass Lone Star, Lee’s Christmas Blocks, Lilbet’s Garden, Hexie Hand Project, Hancock Stars BOM, Estate DWR, Faux applique, QIAD Flying Dutchmen Lotto, Sew Scrappy, QAYG String Blocks, Border Class Sampler, Mom’s Thangles BOM, ‘Twas Night Before Christmas I, Sheryl’s Churn Dash, Jane’s Hourglass,  Red DP9, Alphabet BOM, Redwork Snowmen, Lee’s Baskets, Blue Strings, Green DP9, ‘Twas Night Before Christmas II, Tumbler L/E, Candy Sunflower Seed, Green & Cream Swap, Star-A-Day, Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler, String HST, Postage Stamp L/E.  That’s 32.

Tops to Be Quilted:


Whitework, 2008 Retreat Swap, Fairy Frost Sunset, Estate Dove in the Window, QIAD Christmas Row Quilt, Thangles II, Machine Quilting Sampler, Nifty Thrifty, Raising Cane, Old Tobacco Row, Mom’s Stacked 4-patch, Black & Bright Sampler, David’s DP9, B & W Strip Twist, ModaU Sampler, 2011 Retreat Mystery (small), Out of the Blue, AAQAL, Christmas BOM, 2011 Retreat Mystery (large), Orange Crush, Pink & Black 4-patch Stacked Posie, Diamond Links, B&W stacked 4-patch, Blue & Brown SBS swap, 2012 Retreat Mystery, Christmas Crazy 8, Stack-n-Whack, Scrap Patch Hearts, Baby B&M stacked 4-patch, Pink & Brown. That should be 31 tops.

Projects In Grocery Sacks:


Squedge Ruler project, “August A”, the Hardware quilt and a Triangle Frenzy table runner. There are another 9 on my list – 4 of them could probably be broken up and put back into my stash, but I don’t see a hurry since I’m trying not to start anything new.  The other 5 are large projects and I don’t see me starting them any time soon. These 4 pictured are smaller projects and potentially doable over the course of a few days.

Works Hidden In My Mind:

This list fluctuates and doesn’t have fabric picked out – except in my mind. An example  is I really want to make a Trip Around the World set on point using 30’s solids and prints.  I’ve wanted to make this quilt for at least 20 years, but other than a few hen-scratched notes, I haven’t done anything about it. So, given the state of this list, they are officially excluded from the Finish Along.

So the above is my official 3rd Quarter Finish-Along list. The question is not will I finish everything — it’s a given that I won’t — but will I finish ANYTHING on the list. Since I’m doing my best to not start anything new if I get anything finished I hope the answer is yes.