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All of March’s Quilting Goals Met

Ha! April Fools!

I started to title this post “No More UFOs”, but I know no one would have believed that. Meeting all my quilting goals on the other hand, might have happened, but didn’t. I simply couldn’t get motivated to do what I set out to do at the beginning of the month. That is not to say I didn’t accomplish a few things on my list and several more that were not.

  • 19 Star-a-Day Blocks – goal at least 31 blocksdw0323
  • 17 of the Eye Fooler/Graduation Quilt Blocks – goal the center of the quilt topgradquilt-4wall
  • Pieced most of the rest of the units (I found green HST that need to be made!)gradquilt0331
  • Got the blanket binding on this pre-quilted panel that had been sitting around for 3 monthsbear
  • Sorted through one of the scrap boxes, emptying it, only to toss the neutral and browns back in it to clear the ironing board. The scraps on the left need to be cleaned up for my pre-cut boxes and the ones on the right are for my Star-A-Day quilt.sortedscraps
  • Combined two partial sets of RWB blocks into two quilt topssampler pair
  • Took one large quilt top and made it into two smaller topsStarStruck Pair
  • Took another not quite finished top and made it into a smaller topblueridgeevolution

I’ll reset my goals and see what I can get done in April.

While Searching for a Backing


Earlier this week while searching my stash for the Orca Bay backing, I found a bag with this pre-quilted panel and blanket binding.  I was given it back after Christmas. So, I pulled it out and finished it.  What was I stalling for?  And the backing? I didn’t find it.

So, this evening more digging.

Look what I found!


My postage stamp blocks. I’ve been looking for them for at least a week, maybe longer as I have more pieces to add to the bag.  I’m looking for a quilt a little over twice as big and I really think I was aiming for 4 times as big.  Ask me again when I get it to 48″ x 60″, another 1520 squares away.

And the backing.  I finally found it.  So naturally I think I’m going to work on the graduation quilt. It’s needed in 7 weeks, and Orca Bay won’t be needed until it’s cold again in Atlanta.


What’s On My Design Wall



This past week I’ve been playing with my stars.  10 new stars.  As you can see Orca Bay is not yet sandwiched. I really need to do something about that this week. Or work on Eye Fooler.  It’s still sitting on the corner of my desk.

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Stash Report

The primary thing I’ve been working on this past week is the Stars.  All of that a fabric will get counted when the top is complete — which at this rate will be August 2016, not August 2015 — but I’m having fun picking out fabrics from my scraps.  I might have fabric to report next week.  I’m gearing up, at least in my head to quilt my Orca Bay.

I’m considering quilting it in concentric circles — but I’m not sure there is enough space on my sewing machine. I’m confident there is on the treadle, but I’m equally confident that I’m not coordinated enough to treadle, stitch a smooth curve and wrestle a large quilt at the same time. It almost makes me want to see about getting the motor rewired just to try.

Fabric Added Since Last Report 0 yards
Fabric Added to Date: 18.91 yards

Fabric Used Since Last Report: 3.533 yards
Fabric Used to Date: 20.497 yards

DECREASE in Stash to Date:  1.587 yards

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Star 100


What’s On My Design Wall


This past week I’ve been working on my stars.  Star #99 still needs a few more pieces of background attached — then I’ve got to pick more star fabric.

So, this past weekend I started working on the Craigslist scraps – the ones I got back in October and whittled down to one crate. I’ve got them sorted by color or theme except for this last little bit in the crate.



There were piles covering all of my ironing board, but I had to make room for pressing. The blues have been pressed.



To clear the space, I moved the scraps to my treadle.


I hope to get through the scraps this week because I need to get back to the graduation quilt.  I was reminded that there’s just two months until graduation.

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Stash Report

I have fabric to report as used this week.  The sashing and cornerstones for the red, white & blue samplers and the bit used for the Boston Common layout of Star Struck.

Fabric Added Since Last Report 0 yards
Fabric Added to Date: 18.91 yards

Fabric Used Since Last Report: 3.533 yards
Fabric Used to Date: 20.497 yards

DECREASE in Stash to Date:  1.587 yards

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This Week’s Stars



Here are this week’s stars.  The turquoise stripe and the neutrals came from my stash. The rest from the Craigslist scraps.

Still Goofing Off

star-a-dayfabric selection

This mess can only mean one thing.  I’m digging for fabrics for my Star-A-Day quilt — the one that’s apparently going to take at least 2 years to piece if I don’t get a move on it.  I’m digging through the scraps I got off Craigslist for the prints and my stash for the neutrals. fortunately I’m finding some neutrals in the scraps as well.

How One Quilt Top Becomes Two


4 or 5 years ago I made this quilt top from Bonnie Hunter’s free pattern Star Struck. It measures 64″ x 80″. My intention was to eventually quilt it and bind it in either red or blue when I got that far.  Last night I started packing up the quilt tops I’m sending to Vicki and I thought about this one.  It’s too big for the purposes of Country School Quilters, but with the removal of 4 rows it’s about right — 48″ x 64″.


But now I have 32 “orphan blocks” and there’s room in the box for one more quilt top.

I dug through my neutral stash and made this ‘Boston Commons’ layout with the rest of the stars. – 3/4 of yard of fabric from my stash, no orphan blocks and two quilt tops for the quilters to give to the veteran’s hospital.

Starstruck II

It’s a win all the way around.

UFO Count (Quilts in Progress + Tops to Be Quilted):  63 down from 69 January 1st.