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2012 Final Countdown Challenge – Day Two

I’m attempting to participate in Shelly’s 4th annual Final Countdown to get us prepared for the new year, but I’m running into some challenges. For example today’s challenge is:

Clean up a pile.

There are no piles — well except maybe my desk – as there is a quilt show going on in my house.  But, my sewing room is next to impossible to use, so perhaps my “pile” will be to take down the quilts in here.


The one on the fireplace wall is easy — and I need to put the design wall back up shortly.  The quilt tops  on the shelves are easy — they are just pinned in place.  But I will have to enlist the help of my husband to disassemble (and store) the hanging racks.  They are bigger than me!

One Thought on “2012 Final Countdown Challenge – Day Two

  1. there is nothing worse than having to sort those “piles”!

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