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4-Patch Progress



I took the day off today and spent much of it in the sewing room.  Significant progress was made putting the quilt together.  More wasn’t done because I had a new quilter in my sewing room today.

My sister asked if I would teach her how to quilt.  Since we were both off from work today she came over and dug through my stash.  She knew she wanted to make an orange, blue and yellow quilt but didn’t know what quilt.  I pulled out Successful Scrap Quilts from Simple Rectangles by Judy Turner and Margaret Rolfe and she flipped through the book. Many of the quilts are made with 2″ x 3 1/2″ rectangles — a size that I have in my pre-cut stash.  She decided to make “Spectrum”, which is the cover quilt.  Her blocks are going to be orange with yellow centers and blue with yellow centers.

I think in the end she found 80 of the 128 yellow rectangles she needs.  A quick lesson on using a rotary cutter and ruler and she cut the rest in no time — mostly from my 2″ strips.  I think she came up 10 or 15 short where she had to pull from my stash boxes.  She’s not going to be as lucky with the blue and orange.  Sydney’s first quilt was primarily blue and the orange is in the Orca Bay box.

Anyway, she took a baggie of yellow rectangles and a spool of thread home with plans to sew them together and press them.  Next time she’s over she’ll pull the blue and orange fabric.

Sydney will be back in the sewing room this weekend.  She’s got to finish the Sponge Bob quilt for her cousin.

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