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A Busy Weekend

It was a busy weekend, starting Thursday.

The end of September the city was working on the sewers in front of our house — specifically along the driveway.  They tore it up and were supposed to come out and replace the section.  But before they could get here, the rain came. It rained and rained.  So not only did the gravel wash out, the turned over dirt between the driveways washed out as well.

Then on Thursday it stopped raining, so the driveway got paved.

Of course this necessitates us parking around the corner.

Friday night my husband and hiked out and went to dinner (have you seen the value of the 55+ menu at Denny’s?), then drove out to my sister’s so I could quilt.  Hubby worked on his computer and I quilted the string quilt.

I used the E2E design Overlapping Crop Circles.  It was midnight before we got home. Needless to say I decided NOT to be at Hunter’s Heirloom Quilting when the doors opened for their big sale.

On the list was a roll of batting, 8 or 9 cones of thread, bobbins, at least one backing, maybe some orange and yellow fabric for pillowcases, and a couple of Christmas FQs.

No pictures of the batting, thread (9 cones) or bobbins. The first time I went through the line I picked up 3 backings – the burgundy Kansas Troubles fabric is for the Alphabet BOM; the orange/pink  paisley is for Allietare; the red scroll is for the 2011 retreat mystery quilt — it’s the only one which is a complete top!  I have one of those brushes, but I want to put one in my travel kit.

Earlier in the week I ordered a gray backing for the larger black and white 4-patch stacked posies quilt but received the wrong thing (a gorgeous pink!). The correct backing was in route, but did not arrive on Saturday, so my husband suggested I get one since I was planning on quilting it when I got home. So, a second trip through the line was made.

I found this gray backing, which I think works better, a wallet pattern and clasp, and a charm pack with the intention of finding the matching layer cake.

On the way home I stopped by Hobby Lobby where I found the orange, yellow, and Christmas fabrics.

After the late night and all day shopping, I was exhausted so there was no quilting.  But we still needed groceries, so we hiked back to the cars with empty crates. Our plan was to load the groceries in the crates and toss them out at the curb. Hubby had the groceries in the house by the time I parked and hiked home.

Sunday I headed back to my sister’s and loaded up the quilt. I learned to put in a border on the quilt via the computer and started quilting the squares. Then I ran into issues with the sashing. I figured that out, then the machine made a weird noise – twice.  So I shut everything down and started packing up to come home.  Then the power went out.

Of course it’s still raining – misting really – and the temperature has dropped.  Fortunately hubby stood out on the curb so I could stop and unloaded my stuff so I didn’t have to drag it in from the corner. I really hope we can get back in the driveway on Monday, but with the rain, I’m not counting on it.




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