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A Pieced Border?

kwiltnkats asked if a pieced borer was in the works for Candy Sunflower Seeds.  There wasn’t, but admittedly I wasn’t excited by what I was planning on doing or the finished size the quilt was going to be (approx 54 x 71).  So, I started playing with borders in EQ.  This is what I’ve come up with now:

I don’t like the big cornerstones — but I just had a flash of inspiration and if I go with this option I’ll make those the same size squares as the rest of them – 2 1/2″ finished.   The pieced border also makes the quilt a bit larger – approx 63 x 80 and more inline with the size I frequently  make.

Now I’m off to figure out exactly how I’m going to piece that border — 4-patches or Seminole piecing….

One Thought on “A Pieced Border?

  1. You could do Square in a Square again to make that border too. Then you wouldn’t have to use side triangles on the 4 patches.

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