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All I Needed Was Thread



All I needed was the black thread for Eeyore and maybe a different shade of pink thread for Piglet’s ears. After three stops I came back with a little bit more.

The first stop was a rummage sale at a church around the corner. Naturally, I was looking for shirts. They must have a clothing closet/bank because the only clothes I found were for little kids. But I spotted two rolls of tracing paper for 25¢ each. I think I’m going to like the narrower width. The roll I have is 24″ wide.

Then it was off to Jo-Ann’s for the thread, and if they had freezer paper I would get some since I hadn’t gotten around to locating any. Unless that package on the left has some magic properties that I’m not familiar with yet, I won’t buy it again.  The package of 10 sheets on the left cost the same (if I didn’t have a coupon) as the package of 50 sheets on the right which I bought at my LQS and I know I like the stuff on the right.

I briefly thought about going to the LQS, but it’s three times as far away. Fortunately a friend called me just as I walked in the door as asked if I wanted to go to the new quilt shop.  She was speaking of Creative Hands Quilt Shop & Decorative Painting Store which recently relocated. Sure, why not? And we were off to the store where I found the freezer paper I really wanted, a FQ for the Halloween pile, a new to me product Print N Fuse and a pressing sheet with the hopes that I would find my missing one.

While we were there I nearly signed up for the Plain & Fancy BOM, but I’m not sure how that’s going to work with my schedule.  I’ll have to make up my mind soon….

Now, back to Eeyore.

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