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An Artist Rendering

I’m no artist, but I can cut and paste in Paint.  I think this is the layout I’m going with.  The quilt will finish roughly 60 x 72 a good size lap quilt.  I don’t have enough of the blue batik for all of the LeMoyne Stars, so, I’ve got to find an alternate.

Option # 1 is this blue floral which is in the center star next to the yellow (background triangle is for reference).

Option # 2 is the backing fabric I’m using.

Option # 3 is a fabric I bought to finish a double wedding ring quilt I found at an estate sale. It’s not right for the DWR, or now that I compare it the batik this quilt.

Option #4 is a man’s shirt I found at a thrift store a while back.  I pulled it out just for fun, but I think this one is probably the best match in color. Now I just have to decide if  I can live with the subtle plaid.

What do you think?

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