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Another Full Day

It was another full day. At this rate I’m going to need a vacation from my vacation.  After finishing my ‘frankenbatt’ I quickly loaded up the “Ugly” quilt on the frame and started quilting it. All but the last pass was finished prior to heading out to StitchOn in Lawrence, Kansas were I needed to pick up fabric from a Facebook Live order.  When I got home, I quickly finished the quilting.  I think the name of this design is Bamboo Shoots. I boldly used green thread in the bobbin as well.

I even got the binding applied!

While I was working on the binding, I loaded up the kitty/hearts/flower quilt, which I quilted with hearts and flowers.

I had just enough of the yellow star backing. This time I used a purple thread.

Here’s a closeup on the front.

All of this quilting and a visit to both StitchOn and another to Peddler’s Wagon.

and another to Peddler’s Wagon.  They only had 3 yards of the “wheat” colored fabric, which now that I think about is more accurately described as butternut.

That bottom piece is a beautiful border print.

My SIL asked me what I was going to do with it and have no idea. But I’ll think of something.

On, my Folder Corner Ruler came in today. We weren’t expecting it to arrive until  Saturday. It’s a funny story.  I ordered the ruler from Quiltville.com along with a couple of other things last week. I received a notice that the package was shipped within a couple of hours. The next day I check the tracking number and the package is in Florida.

I thought that was odd, since usually the packages go through Knoxville or Nashville on their way to Kansas City. The next morning, the package was in Jackson, Mississippi. That’s when I discovered I had the package mailed to my SIL! She popped it into the mail and it arrived 2 days early! So, later today after I get the binding on the kitty quilt, I’ll resume working on my Shimmer.


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