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Back on Track



After a week of NOT working on the baby quilt, I cleared off the cutting table and traced the notes onto the music staff so I could work on the third line of music. I really need to cut the 4th border and get it traced off as well so I  can start it when I get this one finished.  This time I’m stitching a hoop’s worth of staff and the notes instead of stitching the staff then going back and doing the notes.

Last night I also discovered that the pocket on the back of my ‘busy bag’  is large enough to hold my Kindle in its case.




One Thought on “Back on Track

  1. YEA, and Double YEA! for figuring out how to include your Kindle with your Busy bag and get your stitching done more efficiently too Did you thread more than one needle? I saw that idea somewhere before. Then you wouldn’t have to cut the threads on the straight lines as often.

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