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New Quilt or UFO?



Since I finished my last couple finishes two weeks ago, I’ve been stalling. You see, I have a quilt to quilt — one with a rapidly approaching deadline — and I’ve been struggling to figure out how to quilt it.  And since it’s a mystery quilt to be published next fall, I can’t post it here to ask for advice.

It hung on my design wall for a week and finally I knew how I wanted to quilt it. But I needed to mark it since the current plan is to quilt it on my DSM.  A week later I have the quilt marked and ready to baste — only it’s not.

Earlier this week I thought it was odd that I came up with a quilting design that completely missed a significant piece of the piecing, but instead of stopping to figure out why, I kept marking the quilt.  Today the plan was to baste the quilt.

When I pulled out the backing I discovered it needed to be pressed again. That required moving the ironing board and I found the drawing of the quilting.  I laid it over the quilt top and sure enough I’ve marked the quilt wrong.  Now I have to figure out what to do, which brings us to the title of the post and the picture above.

This is the year I plan on working my UFOs. I really want to quilt the Scrappy Trips that I just finished on the treadle, but I know I need to quilt something smaller to see if I’m going to like the results.  I know how I want to quilt Scrappy Trips, but need to finish the mystery quilt first.  But given my current frustration have decided I need a break (like I haven’t had one for the past two weeks).

So, this morning I pulled out the dozen left over log cabin blocked from THIS QUILT. I threw them together and added a blue border.  The little quilt currently measures 26″ x 33″ which ought to give me enough space to practice quilting on the treadle without it being too time consuming.

But is this a New Quilt or a UFO that I’ve completed the top of?  I suppose if I get it finished in the next day or two it doesn’t really matter.




Dancing Flowers is a Top!

I finished the sashing this evening and have decided to leave that narrow black border — just enough to bind and call this a top. Now to cut the binding and see what I have that will make a good backing.

4-Patch Stripy Quilt Top is Done

Last night I finished the borders on the quilt top. I even rummaged through my boxes of yardage to find a backing. This is what I came up with:

Not necessarily my first choice, but it will be fine and the price is right — out of my stash! This is a 1997 Daisy Kingdom print called “Scottie Plaid”. Several years ago this piece moved from my Mom’s stash into mine. I suspect I was supposed to make a dress for my niece. At nearly 13, I don’t think she’ll mind that she’s not getting a pink, black, green and gray plaid dress.

Tonight I’ll work on piecing the backing and sandwiching the quilt. I think I want to quilt it using pink thread, so I’ll need to get it as well as the pink Fairy Frost I want to use for the binding.