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Wind-Up for the Weekend

It’s time to figure out what I’m going to work on this weekend. Simply more of the same, with a dash of Work and a couple of visits to the hospital thrown in.

The first thing I’ll work on is this week’s Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler block. It’s due Sunday night and I haven’t started it. I’d really like to get at least one extra 30 minute session in on the DWR (2 hours total – Fri, Sat, Sun,+ extra) since I did not get all my sessions in this week. And finally, I’ll be working on the center section of the new quilt. Only one row is sewn together.

Check out the links on Tamara’s blog to see what everyone else will be working on. Oops — she doesn’t have Mr Linky setup for today yet. Must be those baby goats.

Wind-Up for the Weekend

I plan on finishing Part 4 of Carolina Christmas this weekend. After that who knows.

See what other quilters will be working on this weekend over at Tamara’s blog.

Wind-Up for the Weekend

This is a 3-day weekend for me, so even though I’m going to my nephew’s wedding on Saturday, I’ll still get in two days of quilting – at least that’s the plan. My Wind-Up for the Weekend that Tamara is hosting consists of more of the same. Thirty minute spots of hand quilting on the Double Wedding Ring and finishing the quilting on the music quilt. If I don’t get my 30 minutes in Saturday, I’ll try to make it with 2 sessions Sunday or Monday. Meanwhile the second half of the quilting on the music quilt seems to be going faster. I’m not sure why, but I’m not going to argue.

To cap off my weekend, Monday night is my quilt guild meeting. Kaw Valley Quilt Guild member, Carol Jones will be discussing her new book “Tile Quilt Revival: Reinventing a Forgotten Form”. She co-authored the book with Bobbie Finley. It should be an interesting program.

Wind-Up for the Weekend

Tamara is hosting Wind-Up for the Weekend.  It’s a chance to show what you are planning to work on over the weekend.  The first thing I’m planning on doing is trying to stay warm.  They are predicting -20 degrees farenheit plus wind chill overnight.  At least I won’t be watching over goats in the cold.

On to the quilting.  Ladder to the Stars needs borders.  No hurry on this, just that I posted I would do it by the end of the month, but before I started basting my quilts.  Both the DWR and music quilt need basting so I can start quilting them.  I would like to have the music quilt finished so I can take it to the guild meeting on the 18th.  The DWR needs basted so I can start quilting – I want to get 4 rings done by the end of the month.

Check back to see what I get done.

Wind-Up for the Weekend

I’m participating in Tamara’s Wind-Up for the weekend.  It’s a chance to sit down and figure out what you are planning to work on over the weekend.  Since I tend to get in some quilting everyday, I’m going to expand this to include the whole week.

Have I mentioned I get distracted easily?

Starting in the top right corner is Carolina Christmas.  I bought the white fabric a week ago Tuesday and now I want to work on this quilt.  The bottom right is my leader/ender project Oklahoma Backroads.  The top left is Ladder to the Stars.  It just needs the borders to finish the quilt top.  The bottom right is my Double Wedding Ring — I STILL haven’t finished sewing up those last 4-patches and the 3-patches around the edge of the quilt.  This is going to be # 1 on my Accountability Challenge Bari is doing on Wednesdays at My Crazy Quilting Life.

I want to start quilting the music quilt, but once I start that, I won’t be able to piece, so I think I’m going to make my way through these 4 projects before I baste  the music quilt. Because once I start quilting, I’ll want to finish it.

Merry Christmas, Snow and Wind-Up for the Weekend Quilting

Merry Christmas!

A blizzard was predicted so instead of venturing out to my mom’s and brother’s for Christmas, my husband and I stayed home and called our families today. Looking out the front window the roads don’t seem too bad, but then I watched the weather report and last night’s storm is supposedly going to whip around and get us again.

We are considering ourselves snowed in (we could get out if we had to, but are choosing not to get out on the roads), I’m working on a couple of quilts. The pink, yellow, lavender and butterflies is Raising Cane, a Dorothy Young mystery. This is up through step 8 which is the last step posted so far. I have no idea where this is going and can’t wait to see the finished quilt.

The pink on the bottom right are my ‘bonus HST’. The dark fabric is what I’m using as my leader/ender project. They are for Oklahoma Backroads, a Bonnie Hunter quilt. I’ve got the 4-patches made and I’m 1/4 of the way through the ‘picket fence’ pieces.

Since I’m waiting on clues, I can either baste the music quilt together and start quilting it, or go back to Carolina Christmas. I finally decided that I really want to finish Carolina Christmas with the bright white instead of off white. So, I bought 6 yards of a bright white on white. I think it’s more than I need for this quilt, but since I only have the two pieces I’m saving for my redwork snowmen, I could use some WOW in my stash. I’d like to get both Carolina Christmas and Raising Cane to the top stage, so I’m leaning toward more piecing.

Tamara at tamara quilts is starting a Wind-up for the Weekend Mr. Linky to see what everyone is planing on working on over the weekend. I’m going to play along – of course it will be interesting to see what actually gets done because I’m a great one to plan one thing and do something else entirely.