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Change of Plans

I looked at the calendar and changed my mind on what I needed to work on.   Of course I may change my mind again before the end of the week as I’ve not finished anything this month.

This is mom’s 4-patch stacked posies.  Yes, I know some of the pieces are turned wrong, but I decided that if I fixed them, it wouldn’t be mom’s quilt top.  I’m about 1/3 of the way through the framing process.  Hopefully I’ll finish the framing and move on to sashing by the end of the day.  If not, I may switch back to doing the quilting on the Texas Braid.

The other quilt which has moved to the front of the line is the Crossword Puzzle quilt. Actually, it’s never been at the back, but between car repairs, plumbing and weekend work, there simply hasn’t been a chance to reschedule the long arm.  I’m going to call and make an appointment and see if I can get in sometime in the next two weeks.

One Thought on “Change of Plans

  1. I love your mom’s 4-patch posey! The not quite exact blocks she did gives it a really cool character….like that “s” block on the lower left hand corner.

    Can’t wait to see it sashed and put together!

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