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Checkerboard Plaid Blocks

Tonight during Bonnie Hunter’s QuiltCam, I finished the last of the Checkerboard Plaid blocks.  I will leave them on my design wall and switch them around until I find an order that I like.  Then it will be on to the border — maybe.

This morning my husband took a call from the sewing machine repair shop saying my stitch card had been shipped.  Once it arrives I have a backlog of things that need the zigzag, blind hem and blanket stitch that need to be done sooner than later.

If I’m working on the applique, that will give me a chance to cut more pieces for my spool blocks.

There is only one more complete set ready to go.  There are 86 spools in the container and one more competed spool under the needle.  I would like to have somewhere between 288 – 512 spools by mid-August.  The vast difference in number has to do with the size of the quilt I’ll be able to make.

I was off work today, so this afternoon my husband and I ran some errands together.  We stopped at a church rummage sale and I picked up a few more shirts.  Only one is a long sleeve shirt, but the fabric is wonderful!

We ended our wandering at a big outlet mall for our walk.  I can’t find the distance around the mall on their website, but I’m making a guess we walked 1 1/2 miles based on the steps on our pedometers.   There was no way we could have walked outside – the wind was blowing something fierce.

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