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Family Pictures


Sunday I mentioned that I received two boxes.  The smaller box was from my cousin.  It contained pictures of her step-grandfather, my great-uncle, and some of his family.  This morning I pulled a couple to scan.

These are Grandpa Pete and Grandma Ruth.  Grandpa Pete served in the Spanish-American war — something I didn’t know until I read a newspaper clipping which was enclosed with the pictures.  I never knew my grandfather’s parents.


This was another picture found in the box.  This was taken January 8, 1960.  That’s my mom on her wedding day with two of her uncles.  Uncle Bob on is on the left. It’s his step-granddaughter who sent me the pictures.  Uncle Bob was mom’s escort down the aisle. (Mom’s dad was lost at sea July 1941.) Uncle George is on the right.

Another fun note. My mom met my dad at Uncle Bob’s.  Uncle Bob rented his garage apartment to my Dad who was from Mississippi.  Mom was visiting Uncle Bob in Houston from California.  I think it’s only fitting that Uncle Bob walked Momma down the aisle.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the stories with the family pictures. Nice of your cousin to share.

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