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February Recap / March Plans


February had a few squishes in the mail.  I won the pattern God Bless Texas Quilt from Doris Rice over at The Quilting Queen.  It was one of her Friday Freebies.  There’s another giveaway posted today.

The lavender/purple crochet flower is a Crocheted Spool Pin Doily that my friend Mary sent me for Valentine’s Day.

The five stacks of charms are from Connecting Threads.   The solids collections are Oceanfront, Berry and Foliage.  The Mirage collections (on the right) are Home and Garden.

In this shorter month, I read nine books (including one more since Tuesday); attended the Topeka Symphony Orchestra after a week’s worth of dress shopping;  fixed 4 new recipes (Cinnamon BerriesSweetened Condensed Milk, and Peanut Butter);  and last but not least did a bit of quilting.

The month started off with a bang with the “B” block in the Dorothy Young Alphabet quilt. Then I coached my young quilting friend through her second quilt. The following weekend my friends and I worked on a birthday quilt and I did a bit of hand quilting on my Double Wedding Ring.  I also started a new quilt.  The blocks are finished, but they need framing and sashing.

Did I get everything done on my Getting It Done list?  No.  Did I get anything finished this month?  No.  Did I get to the gym more than once this month? No. (That had more to do with the two snow storms and a flare up of bursitis than a lack of motivation).  Am I over it all?  Yes.

So what’ s up for March? Whatever I get to.  I still need to work on Eeyore. My young quilting friend wants to make a quilt for another cousin and her aunt. Now that I’m  not hurting I need to get back to the gym and I’m itching to start a new quilt (thus the charm pack purchases to pick a fabric color).

I will read some more, do a bit more cooking (dinner tomorrow involves orange juice), make the  “C” block, and work on Twas the Night Before Christmas.  Beyond that it’s anyone’s guess.

One Thought on “February Recap / March Plans

  1. Nice squishies in your mail. Some months are like that. I like that we get to decide each month instead of choosing/making a list and numbering them then waiting for each to be called at random. Have fun making something new with your charms.

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