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Final Countdown Task 2


The final countdown is on over at Prairie Moon Quilts.  The second challenge is to Organize Part of Your Stash.

I try to keep my stash organized.  I’ve got boxes of fabric sorted by color and/or theme.  Kits are together. Strings, strips, squares and bricks are sorted by size (and occasionally color).  My thread is sorted and in boxes. My UFOs are either in project boxes or zip bags and above all everything is labeled.   That’s not to say my stash is perfectly organized.

A couple of months ago I dug through one of my strips boxes for the Star-A-Day project (now 2 months behind) and that box got dumped into a box of scraps I was also digging through.  I think there are 4 boxes of new to me scraps that need to sorted through. But that’s not what I’m picking to work on today.

The other day I dumped a couple of boxes of notions in the cat bed (the cats prefer the basket of recycled shirts) in preparation for renting time on the long arm.  I need to get my long arm box put back together and in the long arm bag and I need to re-assemble my travel box of notions.

As for yesterday’s challenge?  Well it’s a work in progress.



Hopefully I’ll finish both tonight.

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