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Finally, True Colors

This afternoon I took this section of my Just Takes 2 quilt top outside into the bright sunlight.  By golly, the colors finally look good in my photos.  Of course colors can vary by monitor, but they have been horrible until now.

In case the colors are off on your monitor, I would describe the blue/turquoise as the turquoise in turquoise and white gingham.  The manufacturer of the background fabric calls the color “concrete” and  I can see why.  That’s the patio and not a narrow border!

If it stays nice again tomorrow, I’ll take Ocean Waves out and see if I have similar luck with the colors.

4 Thoughts on “Finally, True Colors

  1. This makes the background not look so “dirty’ in the picture. When they name a color sometimes it is too true to the actual name. Hope you get another sunny day in your town, I wish the same for me.

  2. Pam, this quilt is looking great. I remember you showing us the actual fabric one night at dinner. And yes this picture does show the color much better.

  3. Hi Pam, This looks so cool! Like when the clouds part and the blue sky shows through! What a great combo! You are making nice progress,too. I’m working on my second try at block 27…What a great learning experience this quilt has been!

  4. Your blocks look awesome. I regret now that I didn’t start that project. I copied the first blocks but never followed through. I read on quiltville where you are going to a retreat next week. Does it happen to be the one through Fabric and Friends down at Windermere? If so, about 8 of us from Marshall are going – two of us are quiltville/Bonnie fans.

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