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First Decision Made



Well, I’ve made the first decision regarding the knitting.  I’m starting over – or at least not finishing the original shawl.

Last night I counted my stitches and had an odd #.  There should have been an even number of stitches. Did I miscount? I don’t think so, as this jives with what I remember when I put the shawl down all those years ago.  I seem to remember discovering I had lost at least one stitch somewhere along the way and the house being too noisy to concentrate to figure out how to fix it.

As it turns out, it was a good decision.

I hated to throw all that knitting away, so I decided to just bind off. Well over 200 hundred stitches into the bind off I found that the yarn had broken and I simply couldn’t catch it to attempt a repair. So, into the trash it went after all.

I still have a huge cone of the Jaggerspun.  Lots of choices.  Last night I spent hours looking at patterns on-line. Even printed one out. But I’m not sure it’s the right pattern.

But,  I can’t start knitting yet. Between Flappy Bird, the weekend hand quilting and the binding off, I’ve aggravated my tennis elbow. I sure hope ripping out quilting doesn’t do the same. That’s today’s project as I finished my book.


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