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Flying Fabric


I started to title this post ‘Why Make Things Easy’, but opted for ‘Flying Fabric’ as there is fabric and blocks everywhere in my sewing room. Blocks on the ironing board, yardage & quilt pieces for 3 different quilts on my desk & cutting table.  Tiny HST units on the table beside my machine, tumbler or fabric for tumblers in 2 different spots and more parts and pieces stacked on top of the challenge quilt tops.  Oh, yeah, there are parts and pieces on the design wall.

Fabric is flying around here.

So, why did I consider the other title? Because it would have been so much easier to just pad blocks to 12″ and make 6 columns of blocks. But instead, this is what I’ve come up with so far.



Of course now that I’m doing this, I’m concerned that I’m not going to have enough blocks for a 72 x 88 backing. We’ll see what I get done tomorrow. I’m going to go watch the baseball game.

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