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It’s Washed!



The one thing that terrified me the closer I got to finishing the Double Wedding Ring, was washing it.  I had to do it.  I’ve been lugging it around for 25 years, 7 or 8 moves, 5 cats and a dog. Not to mention different marking pencils.  The two things which concerned me about washing the quilt were:

  • Would the seams hold up? — Some of the seams were iffy. Did I fix enough of them?
  • Were the fabrics going to bleed? — I have no idea if I washed the fabrics when I bought them I usually did back then, but the piece I had for the binding didn’t look like it was washed.

So, to the laundry mat I went to use a very large (6 loads!) front loading washer.  3 Carbona Color Grabbers, a bit of Synthrapol and liquid All Free Clear in warm water. Fingers crossed.

No pink! Even the pink I spotted before washing it  (Was it Diet Dr Pepper Cherry?) came out. I thought for a moment it was the NAVY on a couple of spots, but after the quilt came out of the dryer I couldn’t find them.

The quilt is back on the bed. A full picture would not show the quilting or the crinkling (not as much as I had hoped), so the picture above shows the quilting.

Oh, I haven’t found any seams which ripped out either.

The rest of the quilt story can be seen HERE.

2 Thoughts on “It’s Washed!

  1. its lovely. congrats on a wonderful finish

  2. So happy it didn’t Bleed and the stitching held. It will last a long time with all the care and love you have put into it. A famiy heirloom!

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