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I’ve Lost My Mind — Again

I’m supposed to be finishing the quilts on my Texas Braid –hey I only have 14 more rows to go.  Those of you taking bets on whether I’m binding on Friday or Saturday, I’m leaning toward Saturday, maybe even Sunday. (I have to work Saturday morning).

Anyway, as to my mind.  I am making a graduation quilt for my niece.  Turquoise (still need clarification if it leans blue or green, so suggested paint chips), no paisley.  That’s all the direction I have.  So what I have decided to do?

Ocean Waves. Bonnie Hunter style.  But a tad smaller (but not by much). Here’s my EQ rendering:

I pulled out my overflowing 2″ strip box and proceeded to cut 300 – HST pairs.  I think I need a 1500+ for the quilt, so this is just a drop in the bucket.  Now for the really fun part.  As much as I’d like to do this as a leader/ender project (and I will to a certain extent), I need to make 75 HST squares each week from now until mid-March if I have any hope of finishing the quilt by mid-May. If I can find the bonus HST squares from Carolina Christmas and Star Struck quilts, I should be able to cut that number down significantly.  I  need to dig through the orphan block box as well.

If any one sees my mind, please send it back to me.

One Thought on “I’ve Lost My Mind — Again

  1. And I thought I was Crazy! HST’s are fun but the smaller ones aren’t. Hope you find the lost ones that are already done from your leftovers. Bonnie is starting a new one, guess you won’t be playing along this time…

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