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sewing the pieces to the background.  I carefully moved everything over, then promptly pulled pieces off.  It’s the only way I can figure out how to get the pieces layered appropriately. I started with Piglet’s right arm (that weird rectangle under the face) then the right leg. Next up was the body and left leg. That’s when I realized the face had to go underneath the body, so I ripped out a few stitches.

Wait I take that back. I attempted to stitch down the bass, but I was getting puckering and stretching, so that’s when I did the work on Piglet.

Finally I ripped out the stitching on the bass, put some fusible/washable tear away on the back and added the mini quick bias for the purfling stitching it down with a wide zig-zag and added the gold satin stitch to outline the face of the the bass.  The funky square cutout will be overlayed with one of Eeyore’s feet.

The bass now looks like one we have in our garage – no neck!


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