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My Husband and My Quilting

Several people commented on my husband playing on my design wall. I really do enjoy his input – not that I always follow it. 🙂 One of the first things we collaborated on was this quilt which we called “Which Way’s Up?”

Several years ago the gals at Wondercut Ruler did a mystery quilt and we ended up with a pile of split 9-patches. I laid the blocks out on the floor (this was before the design wall) and then the two of us flipped, turned and swapped the blocks until we came up with a design we both liked.

This signature quilt is another project which he had considerable input on. It’s more ‘artsy’ than I normally do and it’s thanks to my husband’s input. He pushed me to work outside of my comfort zone (although I immediately crawled back into it).

Sometimes it’s just a fresh pair of eyes that makes a difference.

In this quilt, I used a fabric that couldn’t make up its mind if it was red or black. It looked weird scattered in the quilt, but since the blocks (and possibly the rows) were already sewn, I wasn’t going to do anything about it. My husband pushed me and he was right. Moving to they came together made the whole quilt look better.

As for the Texas Braid, once he saw pictures of the two options he agreed it didn’t make 2 cents difference which layout I used, so I’m going with the original layout. I hope to have the quilt top finished tomorrow night.

One Thought on “My Husband and My Quilting

  1. Bari on June 24, 2010 at 5:57 am said:

    That is so cool that your husband takes an interest in your quilts. Input would sure be nice (sometimes anyway!). My hubby will look at a quilt I am working on if I hold it up in front of his face. Then I think he grunts approval or something….

    Awesome the way you two work together!

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