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My Latest Project

No, it’s not the quilt and pillowcase.  I did those a few years ago.  You can read about them HERE.

My latest project is the dust ruffle.

Previously I had a poorly fitting, falling apart black and green plaid dust ruffle.  It was made for a twin bed – not a day bed so not only was it too long, I couldn’t get it to stay in place when I changed the sheets and slid the mattress along the springs.  Something had to be done.

I decided a gray fabric would go with just about any quilt that I might put on this bed.  And I only wanted/needed it to go across the front of the bed.

It is attached on to the bed frame using decorator Velcro – one side is sew on and the other is stick on.

The only drawback is when we disassemble the bed the Velcro on either end will have to be pulled off to get to the bolts.  But since I’m not planning on moving anytime soon, I don’t foresee a need to disassemble the bed for a while.

One Thought on “My Latest Project

  1. Oh you so gave me an idea to make a queen sized dust ruffle (I melted my daughter’s when I washed it, oops)! I don’t know how difficult it would be to attach a dust ruffle like yours to a fitted queen sheet, but it would be washable then! And with the fitted queen sheet, it would be easy to keep the dust ruffle in place (hate the way they slip all over the place)!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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