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Need to find my Groove Again

After finishing all of the quilts last month, my husband, niece, nephew and I went on a road trip and delivered quilts.  I can’t believe it, but of the 7 quilts we were delivering, I managed to only get pictures of 3.

Now that I’m home, I need to find my groove again.

I’ve not sat at my sewing machine since before the trip. But this does not surprise me.  It seems to me that after a big finishes (I’d say this counts) I tend to stay away from the sewing room.  Admittedly this go round after the finish there was a 12 day 4000 mile road trip, but I think I’ve just about recovered from it.

But there is the disaster that is my sewing room.    No, I’m not showing pictures at this time.  It’s just too bad.

The good thing is I want to get back in my sewing room.  I want/need to finish my sister’s quilt, I want to work on my niece’s bag (bought the grommets last night) and I found THIS.

Yes, I’ve been wandering around various blogs and I found Quilt2sr5.  Sunday she posted about her finish of Mountain Top.  I love the quilt.  I want one.  Yes, I’ve ordered the pattern. Now to figure out when I’m going to work on it.  There are a few things on my list that I need to work on first.

  • Design and write pattern for mystery retreat quilt by 8/1
  • Finish Crossword Puzzle/wedding quilt  – 9/19
  • Finish quilting DWR by 11/29
  • QIAD Christmas Row Quilt — to the top stage by 12/17
  • Mom’s 4-Patch Stacked Posies – to the top stage by 12/17
  • Purse for Kalli – by 12/24
  • Quilt for Frog – by 12/24

Oh — and I want to keep up with Judy’s UFO challenge.

Ok — clearly I’m simply crazy.  Cart me off now.

One Thought on “Need to find my Groove Again

  1. Another Mystery? Did you ever give the other one a name? I don’t remember seeing one. You can do it! Getting the sewing/quilting space cleaned up will help! I’ve been doing the same thing and after next Tuesday, I hope to get the chance to be inspired and do the next challenge for the McCall’s Contest. I got in a funk about my quilting just thinking about getting votes…

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