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November Recap/December Goals

This past month I  had 4 quilting goals:

  • Continue quilting the Double Wedding Ring
  • Make progress on Cream & Green quilt
  • Complete center of Blue Ridge Beauty
  • Finish quilting center of Compass Lone Star

The only one that I missed completely was finishing the center of the Compass Lone Star.  I started quilting on it, but discovered my tension was off.  I’ve got ripping to do before I can work on it again.

I made progress on the  DWR, but not as much as I hoped.  At this point, I’m still 7-8 weeks from completing the quilt. I figure 2 weeks per row for 3 more rows and then another week or two for the binding.

I definitely made progress on the Cream & Green quilt – I finished quilting 12 blocks and have two rows together — although I’m still working on the hand work on the last seam I completed.  We’ll see if I get this done by the end of the year.

Complete the center of Blue Ridge Beauty.  That I got done.  One of these days I’m going to have to see about getting fabric for the border.

Additionally, I quilted and bound my Red, White & Blue Chain of Stars and made two pillowcases to go with it.  I made a cute little bag, and 4 string blocks.  Finally, I quilted No Blue Geese in my Tropical Garden.  Alas, about the time I ran out of bobbin thread I discovered I managed to quilt pleats into the backing.  The good news is since the backing is so busy, I’m going to be able to stitch the pleats in place and call it good.

Now on to December’s goals.  They suspiciously look like November’s goals.

  • Continue quilting the Double Wedding Ring
  • Make progress on Cream & Green quilt
  • Finish quilting center of Compass Lone Star
  • Fix the pleat and bind  No Blue Geese

The first three quilts are on my list for Finn’s NYE UFO Challenge.  The DWR is on two other challenge lists and the Cream & Green quilt is on one other challenge list.    We’ll see how much I get done by the end of the year.  I’m not tossing in the towel, but I am realistic enough to realize that I’m not going to finish all of these quilts.  Fortunately these are just goals.

Now, if I can just stop starting new stuff or working on quilts not listed.

I’m off to put in another Harry Potter DVD and do some hand quilting.


One Thought on “November Recap/December Goals

  1. You are making excellent progress! We’ve got no quilt police and no will check on you to see if you make it.
    Just here to say “hi” and offer my support and encouragement! Great job on the Star quilt and pillowcases, for such a good cause!
    The other projects are really BIG ones and you are doing hand work, always slower. Just keep making the effort and the last stitch will get done, if not by NYE, well, what the heck? You gave it your best shot and are closer than you were…right? *VBS*
    And Myra, over at Tactile Pleasures in Fabric is going to do a PhD..projects half done, beginning on Jan 1st and going to June 30th. I’ve signed up for 6! Hugs, Finn

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