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Ocean Waves is Quilted

Saturday was the day to quilt Ocean Waves.  Would you believe its quilted SIX weeks before I need it?  Of course, it still needs binding, a label, pillowcase and washing.

While DH was making a new network connector for my computer after my 4 or 5, maybe six failed attempts, I trimmed the quilt.  This picture is before I trimmed and that’s all the backing and batting I had when I got the bottom of the quilt.  Note to self — buy 1/4 yard more that I think I need when buying wide backing and cut the batting 5 inches longer.

Once it was trimmed, I started thinking about the pillowcase.  Ignore the quilting — there won’t be any on the pillowcase — but what do you think about this idea?

The pink was used as the backing and will be the same width on both sides of the pinwheels — I think I’m leaning toward the narrow width.

One Thought on “Ocean Waves is Quilted

  1. heartsease57 on April 8, 2012 at 1:53 am said:

    I can’t believe you finally finished it! Good for you. I would go with the narrower width too, the wider one overwhelms the pinwheels.

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