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On A Roll

I’m on a roll.  My challenge was to make 18 of the 36 red and white square in a square blocks.  These will be the cornerstones in my Christmas Row Quilt.  When I was writing out the steps I hemmed and hawed about whether or not to do 18 twice or to do all 36.  I decided to go with 18 because I can’t make a good Square in a Square block without a lot of ripping, muttering and finally deciding ‘that will just have to do’.

Clearly I can’t say that any more.  I followed Bonnie Hunter’s Square in a Square Tutorial and the blocks came out nearly perfect.  Thank you Bonnie!

Since I’m on this roll, I think I’ll keep working on this quilt top.  I’ll save my bag of UFO Quilt Steps until I need a change.

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