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Orca Bay Progress

Bonnie Hunter released the last clue to Orca Bay this morning.  She did a great job keeping the quilt a mystery. I had NO idea where this was going.  Although I kept up with the clues early on, the larger string blocks did me in.  Since then, I’ve made sure I’ve done a few of each clue.  Now I’m glad I didn’t keep up any better.

Pictured are all of my star blocks and larger string blocks/triangles that I have completed.  Now that I know where this is going and have them up on the wall, I can see clearly I need to lighten up the purple — which I think was red in Bonnie’s quilt.

I’ll use this post to link up tomorrow for the progress report.  Monday you’ll be able to click HERE to see how other are doing on their Orca Bay.

7 Thoughts on “Orca Bay Progress

  1. Your colors are FUN…they look great!

  2. Love your colors!

  3. Love the orange! Looks great.

  4. Have you considered switching your dark and light stars? That would lighten up the quilt.

  5. Janet O. on January 3, 2012 at 12:05 am said:

    I didn’t follow the clues, but had thought about it–even considered using these colors. I was excited to see them in your quilt. Just beautiful together!

  6. I love those purples in there. Really does remind me of a sunset. Very pretty.

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