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Piecing Prep

I’m so far behind on my Just Takes Two quilt it’s not funny.  And I just realized new blocks were released today.  So, I’m further behind than I thought.

My sewing machine still won’t do a zigzag, blind hem or any basic stitch other than a straight stitch so I can’t work on Eeyore.  I suppose I could bind the KTS 1600 quilt.  The binding has been ready for a few days, but since I’m scheduled to quilt Fun with Bricks on Saturday morning, I’ll bind both over the weekend.  Have to have something finished for Show ‘n Tell at the Guild meeting Monday night.

Anyway, last night I prepped pieces for 8 Just Takes Two blocks.  I’ve taken them out-of-order and I’m going for mindless piecing.  I’ve also cut my pieces for this week’s Tetris-Quilt-A-Long block to use as my leader/ender. Those pieces are 1 1/4″ square.

I wonder how long it will take to get these blocks done?  I guess I need to look at today’s release to see if there are any mindless blocks I can add to my stack as well.

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