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Procrastinating or Advancing?

I’ve mentioned a couple of times lately that my sewing room is a disaster and needs cleaning.  But the question — Is working on these three projects procrastinating or advancing the cause?

Project # 1 – This is Irish Chain I’ve been working on for a while.  Essentially I have 9 more seams and then I’m done with the top – unless I decide it needs borders.  Stitch those 9 seams (4 sets are pinned in the picture) and I can put away the quilt tops and clean up the scraps – even if I does need borders because I’ll have to think on it a while.

Project # 2: This is Diamond links. Way back in January, I started quilting this quilt.  I can’t remember what happened — ran out of bobbin thread maybe? — anyway, I took it off the machine and brought it home.  I need to quilt about 2 1/2 rows of blocks plus the border.  Not to mention rip out some stitching.  I did the ripping during lunch.  This project, along with fabric for the binding and a couple of pillowcases,  has been stuffed in a laundry basket which I keep shifting around the room.  If I get it done, it can go to its forever home and the basket down to the basement.

Project #3: My scrap basket.  I love Bonnie Hunter’s Scrap User System.  I finished cutting up my scraps a couple of years ago and then kept them cut for about 18 months.  Then there was The Challenge and keeping up with my scraps just wasn’t a priority.  So for the past 18 months, they’ve been accumulating.  This is another basket that keeps getting shuffled around the room.

Admittedly, this is not all that I’ve been doing.  I’ve actually have been doing ‘real’ cleaning.  I can actually see bits and pieces of the cutting mat on my cutting board and the piles are not quite as high as they were earlier in the week.  The extra sewing table was cleared — of course now it’s got miscellaneous office supplies and computer parts on it.  The room feels bigger/cleaner — but in reality part of that is simply because I’ve just shifted some boxes/crates around.

I’m going to do cut up the scraps I’ve pressed then see about finishing the Irish Chain.  If the Irish Chain is finished and I’m only using it to procrastinate, let’s get it done so I won’t have it to distract me.

One Thought on “Procrastinating or Advancing?

  1. Very motivational!

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