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Progress Report

It’s nearly complete.  This is Raising Cane, a Dorothy Young mystery quilt from 2009.  I started quilting it shortly after I got the longarm with no idea of where I was going with it. Then it got pulled off the frame to be completed later.  Later was this weekend.  Is it perfect? No. Is it done? Yes. Well, it still needs to be bound and washed, but that shouldn’t take that long.  The binding is already made.

Also this weekend I attempted to make a reversible napkin with mitered corners. The instructions I started with made absolutely no sense to me, so I watched a couple of videos  Finally figured it out. I have enough of the yellow left over from the backing of Raising Cane to make 6 napkins.  The insides will all be different — whatever I can find in my stash. But nothing will happen until I put my sewing machine back together.

I noticed skipped stitches on the napkin, so I pulled the needle plate off the machine to clean it.  When I put the last screw back in I realized I left the bobbin case out. So, I called it a night.


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