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QA Wednesday

Another week has gone by and I’ve met most of my quilting goals.

  • Quilt on the DWR – at least one hour a day – perhaps 2. – 3 rings quilted since last Wednesday evening
  • Start assembling Star Struck into rows. – Done
  • Fix the Row Quilt. – Done

The picture above shows that I’ve turned the block in the Row Quilt.  Additionally, I’ve trimmed threads and pressed it.  It was a bit crushed after being folded up for 5 1/2 years.  At the moment it’s hanging on a hanger waiting for me to attach it to the leader.  Monday’s post shows the progress I’ve made on Star Struck.  As far as the DWR – I can’t say for certain I quilted 1 hour each day — but I have quilted on it each day.  As I write this I’ve completed 2 1/2 rings since last week.

So what’s on tap for next week.

  • Quilt on the DWR – at least one hour a day – perhaps 2 (I’m beginning to sound like a broken record)
  • Piece the backing for the Row Quilt
  • Attach the backing and quilt top to the HandiQuilter leaders
  • Quilt the Row Quilt
  • Piece the Sept & Oct KVQG BOM – the meeting is Monday!

Check in to see what others are planning for this week by following the links over at Bari’s and check back with me next week to see if I get this done.

5 Thoughts on “QA Wednesday

  1. I have some of that floral fabric in some of my quilts from the same era. Loved them so much, I think maybe 3-4 quilts with the same fabrics. You’re doing good. I like your row quilt. Glad you saw the Boo-boo before quilting it all. Yea for the camera’s ‘eye’.

  2. You’re doing so great! Congrats on a good week.

  3. Julianne on October 14, 2010 at 5:48 pm said:

    You have gotten a lot done..That is great.

  4. You really have gotten a lot done. I love the star struck quilt. Isn’t it great when you can “fix” something without ripping it out?

    You know, broken records aren’t necessarily a bad thing when they help us get something done, and slowly but surely you are getting that DWR quilted!

    Good week!

  5. Don’t worry . . . I sound like a broken record more often than not. I usually bite off more than I can chew in any given week. As my little QQB group always says: Eventually something will have to come out of the Hopper! So just hang in there.

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