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Quilt Repaired



My nephew called me and asked what he should do about the stitches pulling out of the quilt I made him. I told him to bring it to his sister’s wedding and I’d bring it home for repairs.

That was nearly 4 months ago. 

I finally got the quilt out the end of October to see just what the issue was. It wasn’t a stitch here and there, but rather 1″ – 2″ of stitches which had ripped out. No wonder he was catching his foot in the quilting.

Originally, the black and white setting squares were quilted with diagonal lines running from the top left to bottom right along the bias of the blocks.  I suspect since there was no stitching going the other way, when the fabric stretched, the thread didn’t. That and my “fix” stitch didn’t always hold.

So, I decided to crosshatch the blocks and back-stitch where I started and stopped the stitching.

I’ll take it to him Tuesday after I get off work. It’s just in time — or perhaps not.  I just saw the forecast — 19 degrees in the morning (Tues) – but Wednesday morning the forecast says it will be colder  – 18 degrees.  Looks like I’m about 24 hours late.

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