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Quilting Gallery Contest Entry

Quilting Gallery hosts a weekly quilt contest.  This week’s contest is Quilts for Little Girls.  I entered Kallikats.

I made this quilt for my niece when she was 8.  This was back when I thought every quilt you started needed a known destination.   Two or three days before I attended the Missouri State Quilt Guild quilt show, I called Kalli and asked her what her favorite colors were.  The conversation went something like this:

Me:  What’s your favorite color?

K:  Pink.

Me: What other colors do you like?

K: Hot Pink.

Me:  Any other colors?

K: No.

Me:  Ok, what types of things do you like?

K:  Kitties

Me:  Anything else?

K:  Girly things

So off to the show I went with the intent of picking fabric and a pattern to make my niece a quilt.

The pattern is Yellow Brick Road.  The cat silhouettes are from a Tuxedo Cats. It was in The Quilters’ Magazine – I’m not sure which issue.  If I remember correctly the quilting was pretty basic.  Stitch in the ditch between the blocks, outline the cats and maybe one or two cat outlines and a mouse in the center of the quilt.

In the border I machine satin stitched block letters.  The top border says MEOW MEOW.  The left border says KITTY KITTY, the right border  – PURR PURR and the bottom KALLIKAT — our nickname for Kalli.

My best guess is the quilt finishes at 69: x 96″ based on the pattern and that I added an extra border.  Kalli just got her room redone and the quilt fits in perfectly.

If you would drop over to Quilting Gallery and vote for my quilt — and two others.  They are giving away FQs to the top 3 quilts and I could always use more fabric.

One Thought on “Quilting Gallery Contest Entry

  1. I always like to read the stories behind the quilt. Thanks for sharing. I forgot to vote for the other two, opps!

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