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Quilting Goals for April and 2nd Quarter 2015

By now I’m sure you realize I dream big and set out to finish more than I can possibly finish. Fortunately, it doesn’t bother me. Eventually I’ll get tired of seeing something on the list and either get it done or take it off and replace it with something else that may or may not get done. So here is my list of quilting goals for April.

#1 – At a minimum, finish the graduation quilt top. Graduation is May 16th!

#2 – At a minimum, finish 30 stars of the Star-A-Day quilt. Unless I catch up, I’m going to need to rename this quilt to Star-Every-Other-Day as I only have 111 done and I should be sitting at 212. (This is an old picture)star-a-dayDW0316

#3 – Quilt & bind Orca Bay. The top is done, I have the backing and batting so what am I waiting for?


If I would just stop there, I might get it all done – even if I am working every weekend except Easter weekend this month.  But I also want to use this post for the 2nd Quarter Finish Along hosted by Adrianne at On the Windy Side. Then there is my personal challenge of trying to get everything started earlier than 2007 done (by the end of the year), but at the same time hopefully get a couple of newer quilts finished as well.  Even though the rest of this post covers three months, it is still unrealistic, but I like options.

These are the projects I’m leaning toward taking to the quilt retreat in June. A couple of PIGs and newer quilts have slipped into the mix. Of course I may change my mind half a dozen times before I get that far.


Sweatshirt jacket, Hardware, String HST wall hanging/doll quilt, August 2013 Quilt A, Sew Scrappy and Candy Sunflower Seeds.

If I’m ‘saving’ these for June, then I need something to work on in May.  How about these partially quilted quilts.


Green & Cream Swap, Hancock Stars BOM, Compass Lone Star, Diamond Links (pic from before I started the quilting)

If I decide I simply need to QUILT something, these are tops are waiting in the wings and I have batting and batting for.


Christmas Crazy 8s, Scrappy Hearts, Yellow Thangles, Christmas BOM and Stack-n-Whack (which might not have a backing now that I think about it, but the age is right.)

Then there are the two blocks sets I’d like to get made into quilts.


Sisters Swap from 2005 & Alphabet BOM which was finished earlier this year

Finally, there is the hand quilted whitework piece that is from 2005.  I might not have enough handwork to do with just the Stars 😉 (That’s Diet Dr Pepper, not rust stains.)


So there you have it. My completely unrealistic goals for the April – June.  I’ll be happy to get 3 projects done, but I always like to have options.

3 Thoughts on “Quilting Goals for April and 2nd Quarter 2015

  1. Pam, what I love most about following your blog is the variety. Your quilts are so diverse. I know you’re always up for learning new techniques and challenges.
    I lend to only join in on things I like and I tend to only make things using my favorite color pallets yellow and blue, the pure primary, secondary and tertiary colors, and golden browns. I find when I get out of my favorite colors, a new favorite color is added. For instance, I never cared for the 30s reproductions, but when I volunteered to put together a hug quilt for a list member whose husband died, I was a bit regretful when I learned her favorite fabrics were 30s reproductions. I soldiered on and while they aren’t in my list of favorites, I enjoyed working with them an now have a drawer full of them. I adore your little candy colored heart quilt, it’s yummy.
    I suppose that why I have less UFOs than you do, but I think I should get out of this phase, and I should take on more and learn new skills. I would have a fabric collection that’s more diverse.

    • Hi, Cat. I tried to e-mail you but my e-mail bounced back — it’s my IP that is causing the issue — I’ve got a support ticket open and hope to be able to send the e-mail out soon. But thanks for the comments!

  2. I’m like you I like options – otherwise I feel I have to work on the few listed projects and contrary me end up wanting to do anything but!

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