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Quilting This Week

Well, it was quilting and shopping this week.  Tomorrow’s stash report is going the wrong way, but I should be able to finish two more quilts in the next couple of weeks so perhaps it will be a wash by the end of next month.

First a visit to Heritage Fine Fabrics and the bolt sale.  I’ve setup another appointment to quilt on the long arm at Rocking Chair Quilts and want to take a second quilt.  I’m seriously considering quilting this quilt:

So, I needed a backing.  I found this fabric at 50% off.  The cool part is that I used this print in the quilt top.  I got what was left of the bolt and will be extending the backing with some back art.

Then on Friday night, instead of our usual dinner, my friends and I attended a Get Into The Swing event at Quilted Memories.

We made one of those 1600 Jelly Roll Quilts.  I used a Wildflower Serenade II jelly roll that I found in my stash to make my quilt top.  Today I’ve been adding to it.  I found enough fabric to lengthen the quilt by 12 inches and add a 4″ border to each side.  I just need to square it up.

Of course with plans to quilt a couple of quilts, I needed to make a run for batting.  I love Warm & Natural for most of my quilting.  For me it’s the right balance of warmth, cost and ease of quilting.  I found some Jo-Ann’s coupons and ran to the store. Also on my list was basting spray, blades and gray thread.  Some wide backing for the Jelly Roll quilt came home too.

It was only after I got home that I realized I didn’t get basting spray — but stencil marking spray!

Looking at the two cans, I shouldn’t have gotten the wrong stuff — but  if you aren’t paying attention it’s easy to get them mixed up.  Clearly another Jo-Ann run is in the works as I don’t need the stencil spray, but I do need the basting spray.

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