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One of my goals for this year is to clear my scrap basket. It’s really only a six month goal, as this is one of my guild challenges and we have to have our challenges completed by the July meeting. This is what is left in my scrap basket. Purples, Pinks, Reds, Greens, Yellow/Orange/Brights, Lights/Browns, Blacks and wait — is that a pile of Blues? I thought I had them taken care of.

From this you might think I make a lot of purple, pink and red quilts. There might some truth to that, but it’s more a case of last year when I made my way through the basket I stopped before I got to the pinks and purples.

My scraps do not get tossed into the basket by color. Somewhere along the way I read that one way to keep motivated is to do all of a single color/style so you can see progress. I started following this when I was working on my Old Tobacco Road quilt. I dug through and pulled all the green and yellow. Obviously I’ve made some quilts with green since then.

The next time I have the urge to chop up fabric, I’ll pull one of these colors from my basket and start cutting. I really do want to see the bottom of that basket without me throwing the scraps on the floor or ironing board.

One Thought on “Scraps

  1. sometimes organizing scraps is one of the best parts of sewing.

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