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Snow, Anyone?

Yesterday evening before the first snow flake fell, nearly every school district in the area called off school.  It was a good decision.

Here are pictures from 9:30 this morning:

snow0930-01 snow0930-02 snow0930-03

At 12:40 we are now just getting flurries.

snow1240-01 snow1240-02 snow1240-03

DH will be getting the snow blower out later this afternoon or tomorrow morning for the first time this season. Hope everyone is staying warm.

3 Thoughts on “Snow, Anyone?

  1. OK, I have had enough of the white stuff…and it is starting again.

  2. What state is your snow in? I’m in the northern part of Illinois near the Wisconsin border, and we are supposed to be getting some of that white stuff. I can take a little bit more; then it can sto until next winter.

  3. farmquilter on February 22, 2013 at 12:05 am said:

    Beautiful!!! Love snow..wish we had more of it this winter here in eastern Washington.

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