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So Many Little Things to Finish….

How hard is it to make a pillow case and attach a label to a quilt?

Sew blocks into a quilt top?

Do some simple machine applique and finish a small quilt ?

Catch up on my Sylvia Bridal Sampler Blocks? (not pictured)

Pick one of my Bonnie Hunter designed quilts and quilt it? – OK, this one is tougher

Several of these things have self-imposed deadlines — Dancing Flowers preferably by mid-May, but at least by mid-June.  Quilt one of the Bonnie Hunter quilt tops and complete Carolina Christmas and Oklahoma Backroad tops by mid-May.  Keeping up with the SBS is simply prudent since I have less than 50 blocks done.  The pillowcase and label need to be done so I can put up the rest of the fabric.

I could easily do one or more of these over the next few days, but I’m sitting here contemplating starting something new.  Why is it I can’t finish a project before starting a new one?

Update — before I left this evening for the concert, I got the label on the quilt.  I also discovered the baby due in May arrived today!

3 Thoughts on “So Many Little Things to Finish….

  1. Maybe because it’s more exciting to start something new than to finish something you have been working on for some time??
    I have the same “problem”. Quilting OTR, borders on Orange Crush, and a few other projects, but I already finished CC.

    Love your purple OTR.

  2. You are so funny! I do the EXACT same thing! I get to a certain point, then I fling it all to the side and start something new — it’s a sickness — I’m just glad to know I’m not alone . . .

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