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Stash Report

This week I get to count my young friend’s quilt top in my total.  Last night she put the border on the quilt top and it’s now ready to quilt.  The top came from my stash, but the backing is coming from her stash — the one she started the last time she visited.

Additionally I swapped some Halloween fabric with a friend — I sent her more than she sent me so it’s not a complete wash on my numbers.

Finally, I made 3 of the Just Takes 2 blocks.

Here are my numbers:

Fabric Added Since Last Report: 1 yards
Fabric Added to Date:  91.802 yards

Fabric Used Since Last Report: 3.879  yards
Fabric Used to Date: 74277 yards

Net Used for the year -19.525 yards

Judy pointed out that there’s 15 more weeks left in the year and asked if we will make headway in our stash busting efforts.    If I get everything accomplished which is on my list by the end of the year I might just break even – so that’s my goal.  We’ll see what really happens by the end of the year.


2 Thoughts on “Stash Report

  1. It is always fun to help someone make a quilt. Especially when you get to could the fabric from your stash. I love your scrappy Irish Chain. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Goals are great but what is better is the feeling gotten from the effort! Teaching a friend to quilt is a humbling experience and very rewarding. Keep up your wonderful encouragement!

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