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Stash Report


This week, in addition to playing with the treadle machine, I cut 2 1/2″ strips into 16″ lengths to make Scrappy Trips, a Bonnie Hunter pattern.  I have no idea how many strips I’ve crammed in to the shoe box.  My original intent was to use a 40 strip set, but then realized the resulting quilt would only be 30″ x 40″ and I want a larger quilt — closer to 60″ x 80″.

So, I pulled the 2 1/2″ strip box out, and started cutting 16″ strips of fabrics I thought would play nicely with the original strips.   I kept cutting until I was out of strips, then pulled out the “scraps” my friends gave me a week ago since those colors play nicely with the original fabrics.

I’ll count this fabric when I get the quilt made.  So, nothing out, and nothing in either.  Although it was tempting to run back to JoAnn’s yesterday afternoon.  My sister and I ran over there to get border and backing fabric for the quilt she’s working on and when we got it home I thought the purple she bought would be a great border for the floral quilt I made a couple of weeks ago.  I tell myself it’s big enough for a child (it’s 48 x 60), but then at the same time, I know I prefer to make quilts in the 60 x 70/80 range.  I could pull more florals from my stash and make another 10 blocks and the quilt would by 60 x 72.

So, the numbers:

Fabric Added Since Last Report: 0 yards
Fabric Added to Date: 80.11 yards

Fabric Used Since Last Report: 0 yards
Fabric Used to Date: 23.141  yards

Net Used for the year -56.97 yards

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2 Thoughts on “Stash Report

  1. That Scrappy Trips block is on my to do list. Looking forward to seeing how yours works out.

    You and I are in about the same place on our stash reports. I’m trying to impose a quilt shop ban on myself for a few months.

  2. But the fabric is so tempting! Sounds like you have some great projects in progress.

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