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The Garden Report


The lettuce has been moved a little west.  I discovered the tomatoes were casting a shadow in the morning.


The salad bucket looks good.  I’ve had small lettuce salads several times, once with spinach!  Still waiting on the carrots.


The beefsteak have blossoms, but no tomatoes yet.

garden0527cherryThe are two bunches of cherry tomatoes, but they are still green.

garden0527purpleThe Purple Cherokee also has blossoms, but no tomatoes.



The cucumbers are coming back up. This is the second time I planted them.


The Lima Beans (left) and Black Eyed Peas are coming along.


The corn looks good too.  There’s a Lima Bean also in this bucket.


Now if I can figure out what these little things are.  I thought it was cucumber the first time I saw it (last week in the cucumber bucket), but they are in all of the buckets.  I’m pulling it out as fast as I find it.


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