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The Grommets Are Conquered!

grom - purfront

grom - purback

This evening I conquered the grommets on the bag I’ve been working on (and off) for the past 17 months.  The bag calls for 16 grommets.  The pattern recommended hammered grommets purchased from Home Depot, which I bought.  But the thought of cutting into the bag terrified me.  That and it was December and wet (not that it’s been wet for the last 17 months) outside.  The pattern recommended cutting the holes out side.

Oh, the pattern – it’s The Bellance Bag by Lila Tueller Designs.  My niece picked out the pattern and the fabrics when we were on vacation summer before last.

Anyway, last week when it was pretty outside, I got gutsy enough to cut the holes.  I got 7 of grommets in before I tossed my hands up and worked on something else. But tonight I got the remaining 9 grommets installed in less time that the first 7 – or at least w/less frustration.

The solution?

grom - paint

Painter’s tape!

The cool grommets I used are Silver Grommets from everything Mary.

grom - brand

I read the brief instructions which came in the package, but I HIGHLY recommend reading the instructions that are on their webpage.  I’m sure I don’t know if they’ve been updated since I read them 17 months ago or simply didn’t remember what I read.

The grommets are held together by 2 tiny screws.  I removed them and taped the front portion of the grommet over the hole on the outside of the bag.

grom - tape


This held it in place long enough for me to put tiny slashes (don’t do this, follow the instructions on the website) in the fabric and screw the back on.

grom - done


Now, to find the rest of the instructions.  I think all that is left is the drawstring and shoulder straps.  Oh, and that incorrect label.

3 Thoughts on “The Grommets Are Conquered!

  1. So you didn’t buy these Mary things at Home Depot did you? Packaging looks like something at a craft store.

    I put grommets in a sort of chair belt thing for my mom – then the pieces fell apart and I was so afraid she’d swallow it. So I ended up just sticking a knife thru new material so there was one less thing to worry about.

    But your work is beautiful – I’m always inspired when I come by to visit!

  2. The Home Depot grommets is what was recommended in the pattern. The everything Mary grommets I bought at Jo-Ann’s.

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