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The Last Quilting Stitches



These weren’t the last, but toward the end.  My husband made them. He wasn’t too keen on the idea, but knew it was important to me, so he did a few stitches.



That stitch which I’m pointing to is the last stitch.

Now to trim the quilt and get the bias binding made.  I do hope I have enough fabric. Anyone know how to calculate the length of binding needed for a scalloped edge quilt?



Once I get the quilt trimmed, I’ll see about getting a picture of it.

2 Thoughts on “The Last Quilting Stitches

  1. Does EQ calculate Binding? What about a Quilt Calculator. I have one of those. So Happy that it is done being quilted! Great that DH even put in a few stitches!

  2. I measured one curved edge from point, multiplied by the number of curves around the quilt and added 12 -15 inches. Worked for me! I cut mine as a continuous bias from a square that I determined the size of from a chart I found online using the amount of binding I needed and how wide I wanted it. Good luck.

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