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The Year of the PIGS – Question # 2

Jill’s Year of the PIGS Question #2 is:

Give some stats on your PIGS!

What is your oldest and how old is it?

Light Up The Holidays – a kit for a table topper that I purchased in October 2007.  I think this is one of those “What was I thinking?” purchases.  One of these days I’ll get it put together.  It is not high on my priority list.

Do you have a list of your PIGS and is it current?

Yes.  I have a spreadsheet which lists all of my UFOs/WIPs, PIGs, Quilt Tops, Purchases, and Fabric Usage.  There are 11 PIGS on it.

  1. Light Up the Holidays
  2. Cotton Theory Table Runner
  3. Maypole Charm Purse and wallet
  4. Tulips baby quilt
  5. Wildflower Serande Gallery of  Stars
  6. Cranberry Wishes Bag
  7. Janelle Turning Twenty (or Crazy 8s)
  8. KTS 4-Patch Stacked Posies
  9. The Night Before Christmas
  10. Magnolia Table Topper
  11. Laurel Burch Christmas Wall Hanging

How many PIGS and UFOs do you have?

11 “true” PIGS – projects I haven’t started.

36 UFO/WIP – 9 of them are inherited, found at estate sales, or otherwise not started by me.  Click HERE for the full listing.  Pictures and more information about my three oldest UFOs can be found in this post.

39 Quilt Tops – only one of these was found at an estate sale.  Click HERE for a listing with links to pictures of the tops.  My oldest pieced quilt top waiting to be quilted was completed in September 2006.  It is my Christmas Crazy 8.  I have the backing and binding fabric, so it’s just a case of getting in gear and getting it quilted.

5 Thoughts on “The Year of the PIGS – Question # 2

  1. You have lots of wonderful, beautiful projects.

  2. You at least are organized!!! I have no list -just a drawer and a cabinet and a lot of bags!!! 🙂

  3. What impresses me is the young ages of all these projects! You’ve accumulated a lot in only 4 years! And so organized. I hang my head in shame. I’m not at all organized, and I’ve quilted a lot longer.

  4. I am with Susan -wow the organization

  5. Aren’t the tabs in blogger a great way to stay organized???

    Great lists!! I think that we will all be making some great progress this year! 🙂

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