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What’s On My Design Wall

I finally trimmed my KTQ 1600 quilt, but it’s hard to show that.  It still needs binding.  Perhaps later this week.

What you see above is what my young friend has done.  I’m not sure the “right way” to teach quilting to a 12 year old, but I was pretty certain that if I made her rip everything that wasn’t to my standard she wasn’t going to enjoy the process.  A serious pressing got the top section flat and I don’t think anything will pull out.

Yesterday she worked on the next section, but when she went to sew two rows together she  came to me and said “I don’t like quilting any more.” — the sections weren’t lining up.   — Her quarter-inch seam wasn’t consistent and then when the pieces were to wide, she had trimmed them — with scissors — I told her she can’t use the rotary cutter.

Anyway, at that point we had another lesson on the quarter inch seam, why it’s so important and the math that makes it work.  She started over with more 2 1/2 x 4 1/2 rectangles from my box and made the three blocks on the bottom.

I am impressed.  I think I’ve lost my box of rectangles (but I can cut more!) and my backup sewing machine.

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3 Thoughts on “What’s On My Design Wall

  1. Hang in there. Teaching to quilt/sew is hard but the results are so worth it. I started out doing nine patches and triple rail fences and then the rest was history after a long hiatus becuase I hated piecing so much. I was into hand quilting back in the day but now I have arthritis so much I have a long arm. 🙂 it all works out doesn’t it. Great job!!

  2. So generous of you to teach a new quilter… hope she enjoys it once she gets going!

  3. You nicer than me, I am glad you are teaching her the right way- the seams really make a difference. You’ll have to go thrifting again and find another back-up machine.

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