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What’s On My Design Wall


Today it’s “What’s On The Floor”.  Saturday, I attended about 9 hours of a scheduled 14 hour UFO retreat and got this far on my Black and Bright Swap blocks.  I had a prior commitment which required me to leave early, but to tell the truth, I was exhausted by 5.

It still needs a narrow lime green border around the edges and then I’ll add the final border which will match the black, lime and green in the center.  But first I have to finish assembling the corner blocks!


Oh, my prior commitment?  My husband and I had tickets to see The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain.  I hear you thinking.  She skipped quilting and paid to go see/listen to people play ukuleles?  I had a blast!  Grinned, giggled, laughed all night long.   Check out their YouTube page and you’ll understand why.

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4 Thoughts on “What’s On My Design Wall

  1. Talk about BRIGHT! Your quilt is gonna be bright AND beautiful! Love the border around the center 4 blocks.

    I just watched the youtube video. What a great night of FUN you must have had. Would love to see something like that!!!

  2. The black really adds to this quilt and I love the knot blocks you are adding into the borders. You did a lot in that 9 hours. Glad you took time to go listen to some Ukuleles. I wondered what you were all dressed up for.

  3. I LOVE your inner border. Beautiful.

  4. There was something about that orchestra on TV the other day. Lime green is a great addition to black. I have used the combo in two different quilts.

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